PGMUD Weather Update

The District’s Operator (EDP) and Engineer (Odyssey) are monitoring the current and projected Brazos River levels.

The river is projected to reach an elevation of 42.5’ around Sunday, June 6th which puts the District into readiness Level 3. Per the District’s EAP (Emergency Action Plan), the south pump station gates should close at Brazos River elevation 40.0′. The next critical EAP elevation would be 43.56′ Brazos River gage elevation which would indicate the Pecan Lakes pump station lead pump turns on.

Please continue to check the website for updates.

Notice to Residents: Levee Construction Adjacent to Mason Road

Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District would like to notify all residents of the upcoming construction on the levee adjacent to Mason Road and Oyster Creek. The construction limits is from north of the intersection of Mason Road and F.M. 359 to where Farmers Road crosses Oyster Creek.

During this time, there will be heavy construction activity that will impact the residents’ use of the walking trail and portions of the parking at Belin Park. The contractor is in communication with the Country Club and with Grove HOA regarding the facilities and is working to minimize impacts to the residents as much as possible.

All residents are instructed not to walk on the trail during this time of construction to ensure the safety of the residents.

The District anticipates this construction will last approximately two months. We will update the residents as conditions change.

We appreciate your patience during the construction of this important improvements to our levee system.

Brazos River Update

Due to the Brazos River level, as of this morning, our operator, EDP, has closed the sluice gate at the South Storm Water Pump Station and confirmed operations of the pumps. EDP is also running the lead pump at the Pecan Lakes Pump Station. The current forecast keeps us at these operational levels, but EDP is monitoring conditions as we expect local rain fall throughout the next few days. We will do another update tomorrow morning.

The graph below shows the river is expected to crest well below our levee height.

Brazos River Update


The Brazos River at the Richmond Gauge is currently at a depth (or stage) of 39.9 ft. After this past weekend’s rain, the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service forecasts the Brazos River rising to a depth of 47.4 ft at Richmond by Friday May 10, 2019. In addition, the National Weather Service forecasts a 40%-60% chance of rain every day next week, with a “slight” chance of severe thunderstorms predicted by the NWS Storm Prediction Center.

Predicted Impacts

Based on the forecast flood stage of 47.4 ft, the following impacts are anticipated:
29.8’ – Water is over bottom of South Pump Station flap gates.38.6’ – Water is over bottom of Pecan Lakes flap gates. 40.0’ – EDP close South Pump Station Sluice Gates43.6’ – Pecan Lakes Pump Station – Lead Pump On45.6’ – Pecan Lakes Pump Station – All Pumps On


Based on the approved PGMUD EAP, the following actions are warranted at this time:
With predicted flood stage over 40.0 ft, we are in Readiness Level 4 (“Routine Operations”). The Operator should perform the following:Check gates for debris and seepageCheck channel slope conditionsCheck interior lakes for elevation changesCheck fuel level in Generator Once actual flood stage exceeds 40.0 ft, PGMUD will enter Readiness Level 3 (“Precautionary Operations”). Per the EAP this Readiness Level will add the following tasks to the Level 4 list: Set up Staffing Plan for OperationsCheck Emergency CommunicationsNotify Board daily of current & forecast conditionsNotify Board daily of equipment/supplies available and equipment/supplies needed

We will continue to monitor the situation and should the conditions change we will update you accordingly.

Levee Operations: Harvest Green Tree Clearing

As you may have noticed, Harvest Green has started clearing operations related to the development of their property. Pecan Grove MUD is aware of their activities and confirmed that the activities have been confined to their property and has not impacted property owned by Pecan Grove MUD nor impacted the operations and effectiveness of the levee that protects the District. In the coming months, you may see additional trees removed as well as dirt moving operations in the Harvest Green development. PGMUD is actively working with the owner and developer of Harvest Green to ensure that the levee remains operational and secure and continues to provide the protection to Pecan Grove residents. Further, the District is working with Harvest Green to provide additional fill material to improve the function and protection of the levee.

Should you have any questions please contact the District by following the instructions listed at or call the customer service office at 281-238-5000.

Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District Board of Directors

Levee Table Top Exercise

Members of EDP and Odyssey Engineering Group participated in the Levee Table Top Exercise hosted by Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management. The exercise was used as an opportunity to discuss the events that led up to Hurricane Harvey and learn from the efforts of those on a County-wide level. Fort Bend County and those in attendance walked through potential scenarios related to heavy rain events and high water levels in the Brazos River. EDP and Odyssey will take the ideas discussed and incorporate them into the Emergency Action Plan for Pecan Grove MUD.

Engineering Updates

Drainage Improvements on F.M. 359

The District is building sluice gates at key locations within the drainage system for Farm-to-Market Road 359 (FM 359). The Contractor, Black Castle, is making progress having constructed the necessary junction boxes on the existing drainage system. The Contractor has installed the sluice gate located at the northern end of the drainage system, between the intersections of FM 359/Mason Road and FM 359 and Plantation Drive and is nearing completion of the sluice gate in the southern end of the drainage system, located south of the Campanile at Jones Creek apartments. The Contractor is expected to be completed in Spring 2018.

Construction Update for Levee Extension around Plantation 4 & 5 Detention Basin

Levee Extension (PDF)

On March 5, 2018 the Notice to Proceed was issued to R&T Ellis Excavators on the extension of the levee around the Plantation 4 & 5 Detention Basin. When completed, the project will place the existing detention basin inside the boundaries of the levee providing the same level of flood protection as the rest of Pecan Grove. The Contractor will build the new levee on the north and the east boundaries of the basin without impacting the existing levee. The contract time on the project is forty-five (45) days pending any inclement weather, therefore the project is expected to be completed well before the official start to hurricane season.

The contractor’s anticipated working time on this project is from sun-up to sun-down, Monday through Saturday. No work on Sundays.

Flap Gates on South Pump Station

The District is replacing the existing flap gates located on the west side of FM 359 at the South Pump Station. The original flap gates have reached their anticipated life span. The new flap gates will be constructed of stainless steel to provide long lasting service and protection to the residents of Pecan Grove.

Drainage Evaluation

Please follow the link to view the report prepared by LJA Engineering, who was hired by the District as an expert to evaluate drainage in Plantation, Sections 4 and 5 and provide recommendations to reduce the potential impact of future flooding. The District is holding a special meeting on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the ballroom at the Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club and LJA will be present to make a presentation of their findings.

Drainage Evaluation (PDF)

Water on FM 359

Last night the plug that had been installed in the TXDOT inlet outside of the levee on FM 359 near the Pecan Lakes entry failed. This failure of the plug brought stormwater onto FM 359. The situation has been managed. Currently the stormwater is under control.  The district constructed a temporary ditch along the back wall of Pecan Lakes to take water out to Jones Creek through our pump station. The storm water at the north levee crossing is being managed by trailer mounted pumps. Operations of our pump stations are normal.

Plantation 7 – Plantation Work

Construction activity related to the Plantation 7 Drainage Improvements Project on the property of the golf course has completed. All work activities on the golf course are now being conducted by the golf course ownership and not under the guidance of the MUD.

The MUD continues construction for the project along Plantation Drive. The work consists of installing the underground storm pipe along the south side of Plantation Drive towards Quarterpath Drive. It is estimated the work will continue through the middle of June, and is dependent on weather conditions. There will be lane closures along in the work area as the contractor progresses. Traffic control plans have been approved by Fort Bend County and will be implemented for the safety of the contractor and residents of the District. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the drainage infrastructure in Pecan Grove MUD.

Plantation 7 Drainage Notice

Pecan Grove Residents,

Construction of the Plantation 7 Drainage Improvements Project has begun along Hole Nos. 2 , 3 and 9 on the property of the golf course. Crews that are running heavy machinery will continue working on the golf course from now until April 2017. For your own safety and the safety of the crews working, please remain off the course and off any golf cart paths near this work. Any trespassing on this site is extremely dangerous to yourself and you run the risk of being injured. The contractor has full authority to remove you from the site. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the drainage infrastructure in the MUD.

Plantation 7 Drainage Improvements Project

Pecan Grove Residents,

Construction of the Plantation 7 Drainage Improvements Project will be starting during the week of December 5. This construction area for this project will include work on Hole Nos. 2, 3, and 9, along with underground infrastructure within the Right-of-Way of Plantation Drive, Old South Drive, and Rambling Stone Drive. An increased amount of heavy truck activity will occur at the golf cart crossing on Old South Drive and Plantation Drive. The contractor’s expected completion date is April 1, 2017. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the drainage infrastructure in the MUD.

The Contractor will be restricted to only working on the golf course until the first week of January. This is being done to minimize the disturbance of all residential activities during the Christmas holiday.

Drainage Improvements Project Construction Update

Residents of Pecan Grove MUD,

Because of weather and other delays outside the District’s control, construction activities for the drainage improvements project continue along Plantation Drive. This construction will continue along the road for the next couple of weeks while school is starting. To ensure children can adequately walk to school, the Directors have instructed the Contractor to put a stabilized walking area along the roadway where sidewalks have been removed.

The Directors also have asked the Contractor to cease construction activity during the hours of the drop-off and pick up times of the day. The Contractor and representatives of the District will be on site watching the activity to ensure the safety of the children is maintained.

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact an engineer for the District (Grady Turner) at (713)777-5337.

Brazos at Richmond

The most recent forecast for Richmond continues to show the Brazos receding from a peak elevation of 54.81’. The most recent observation is 49.15’ at 2:15pm indicating a drop of approximately 5’. The Brazos River at Richmond is now below NWS major flood level and the current forecast calls for it to be below minor flood level early Friday morning. For reference, the River has been elevation 30’+ since mid-April.


Brazos River Update

Brazos at Richmond:
The most recent forecast for Richmond continues to show the Brazos receding from a peak elevation of 54.81’. The most recent observation is 50.34’ at 2:15 pm indicating a drop of over 4’ since the peak and approximately 1’ over the last 24 hours. The latest forecast shows the Riverfalling below major flood level this evening and below minor flood level on Thursday. Upcoming forecasts should continue to be monitored for any significant changes.



Brazo River Update – June 5th 10:15 am

The Brazos river is at 52.13 and projected to continue to fall throughout the day, we think we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the day yesterday we had showers on and off which caused us to have to pump for a good majority of the day.

Levee is all still looking very good and we see no signs of any issues or problems throughout the district. We will continue our inspection to ensure the levee isn’t showing any signs of weakness in any areas. Once the the River level is around 48 feet on the Richmond gauge, we will back off frequency of inspection but continue emergency operations until water is off all gates and we have regained gravity flow.  According to the national weather service it could take the month of June to get through this event.

We commend our operator EDP and our engineers Jones & Carter for their extraordinary efforts to keep us safe and dry. Thank you to both of you and your employees.

Fort Bend County Forecasting Severe Weather

Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management
Posted June 3, 2016 8:02:59 AM CDT

Fort Bend County, TX – A flash flood warning is in effect for Ft. Bend County until this evening at 7 PM. Significant rainfall could increase inflows to already flood swollen rivers. Swift water, biological and physical hazards remain in inundated areas and many roadways still remain closed. 20% of the land in Ft. Bend County has experienced flood effects.

Water levels are expected to slowly recede and will remain high into next week. 350 local and state emergency responders remain in the county assisting the local jurisdiction and 730 rescues have occurred to date. No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

Levees are functioning as designed throughout the levee improvement districts.

Damage assessments and long term recovery efforts are being coordinated as water levels recede.

For the more information, please visit website or call 281-342-6185.

Brazos River Update – June 2nd 9:00 pm

The elevation of the Brazos River has remained steady, if not slightly decreasing over the past few hours. It currently flows at an elevation of 54.66 with the last update recorded at 6:15 PM.

The District’s Operator continues to work inside the District and will continue frequent monitoring of the levee system. Even if the water level of the Brazos continues to slightly decrease, the County will still remain in a heightened flood alert because the water elevations are significantly above flood stage.

Trash collection was completed successfully with exception of Plantation Place, which was not serviced due to closure of FM 359. Trash collection will be collected on the next regularly scheduled day. 

Please continue to exercise caution and continue to look for updates from the County and your District representatives.

Brazos River Update – June 2 at 8:10 am

The Brazos River is at gauge level 54.78 as of 4:15 this morning and has been holding around that level since yesterday evening. This level is 4.5 feet above previous recorded record. It’s projected to be at that level for another 12-24 hours, depending on the rain.

The Pecan Grove system is able to store and pump up to 12 inches of rain. Water internal to the levee is pumped to outside the levee. We have been working to control water along FM 359, which is pumped down and passable. FM 359 could see additional pounding and higher water levels with rainfall. Any water that rises in FM 359 will work its way to the Pecan Lakes pump system and be pumped out. The opening or closing of FM 359 and Highway 90A is under the control of TXDOT and Fort Bend County.

Please refer to the Fort Bend OEM website by clicking here for latest updates on closures or safety notices. The Pecan Grove team is working closely with OEM and looking at the bigger picture. Please avoid sightseeing and other potential hazardous activities, we need emergency personnel to have access to the area and its critical that they be given that courtesy.

Brazos River Update – June 1st 11:30 a.m.

The Brazos River Gage at Richmond continues to rise slightly, but appears to be close to leveling off. Water is against small portions of the levee, but the levee is performing and can perform as designed with several feet of additional flood water.
Pecan Grove continues to see water along FM 359 both inside and outside the levee. Emergency personnel are working to manage the water on FM 359. Please note that water on FM 359 will rise to a level where it eventually drains through storm sewer systems. Once in the storm sewer system it will be pumped outside the levee through our pump stations.

Harlem Road, FM 359 and numerous areas to the south are closed to access, but the north and east entries to Pecan Grove are still open. We strongly urge people to limit their movements in or out of Pecan Grove to allow emergency and flood fighting access. Also, please avoid all areas with ponding water.

Brazos River Update – May 31st 10:50 a.m.

Our Engineers (Jones & Carter) and our Operator (EDP) continue to do a wonderful job for us. They are monitoring the elevations of the Brazos River, Jones Creek, and all areas around the District. The Brazos River is projected to peak throughout the early part of the afternoon today, and Fort Bend County and the National Weather Service are still holding to the projection of a Richmond gauge elevation of 53.5-feet. The current level is 53.39-feet. EDP has crews walking the levee around Pecan Lakes and our Southern boundaries. Mason Road at 359 has been closed by TxDOT, and water is visible across the roadway. At this time there is no report of water on the bottom of our levee in any areas, but we will wait for a report from the current crews monitoring the levees.

Along with the Brazos River water level, we are also monitoring the rain forecast. The forecast for today is dry, but a 40% chance of rain is expected for tomorrow, and a 60% chance for Thursday. We will continually monitor this forecast, and EDP will be operating the storm water pump stations as necessary should the District receive any significant rainfall.

Just for an FYI, Fort Bend County OEM accidentally listed Pecan Lakes subdivision as an area not protected by levee in a public service announcement/reverse 911 call. This is incorrect, and the proper authorities have been contacted and notified. They are aware of the incorrect information and this problem is resolved. Residents in Pecan Lakes are now protected by our new levee system.

There is also an area in the back of the Randall’s parking lot that is starting to hold water. The source is from a storm drain near FM 359 tied into the main outfall channel. EDP is on scene and will be putting up barricades to prevent residents from entering or interfering with this area. The water is coming up from the lot, and travelling towards and into the North drainage channel.

A team from Fort Bend OEM and the Texas A&M Robotics team is currently in Pecan Grove and are utilizing aerial drones to survey and document the flooding of the area around the District. The drone will allow us to get a better view and understanding of the overall extents of the flooding around the District.

Fort Bend County OEM is the source of the latest information on the Brazos River flooding, please refer to the OEM website for more information by clicking here. Also, please refrain from sightseeing during this event there are significant safety hazards with walking around areas with high water. Please allow the Emergency Operations teams to keep the community safe, by staying away from high water areas.

Our Operators and Engineers are very busy around here, working to protect our community and keep us dry. They are doing a great job.

Pecan Grove / Brazos River General Flood and Drainage Information

As part of the on-going efforts to monitor the Brazos River by the Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Operations Team, we offer the following update on current conditions.

As of 7:00 AM this morning, the Brazos River – Richmond Gage had exceeded the previously recorded level.  The water at this location has been rising at a rate of approximately 1 foot per hour.  Gage reading at 7:00 was 50.56.

As of 10:15 this morning it was at 51.21.  The forecasted peak had been revised down slightly with the peak projected at elevation 53.4 tomorrow near noon.  This level would be close to the 50-year flood level on the Brazos River at this location.

Please note that the levee around Pecan Grove is designed to protect the subdivision from Brazos River levels with the Richmond Gage readings at a level of approximately 55 and will not overtop with levels as high as 58.  

As water reaches this level outside the Pecan Grove Levee, water may be approaching FM 359 in several locations and areas around Pecan Grove may see backwater effects as the Brazos River rises to its peak. The Brazos River is currently overflowing into Oyster Creek to the north of Pecan Grove.

Also note that additional rainfall may enter the area later this afternoon.  While the amount of rainfall would impact the Brazos River levels, there is some capacity without significantly raising the Brazos River levels.  Areas draining to the Brazos may have difficulty and may experience significant flooding (entirely dependent on the amount of rainfall.

Please note that the Pecan Grove Stormwater Pump Stations, internal drainage systems and storage areas have capacity to handle almost 12-inches of rainfall internallywithout flooding of homes.  But as happens without the Brazos River flooding if the rate of rainfall exceeds 1 to 2 inches per hour, there is potential for street flooding.  

Also, please avoid any “sight seeing” around the area to allow emergency personnel to perform their duties in keeping the community safe.

Message from Pecan Grove MUD Board

I know you are likely getting questions from friends and neighbors about this flood event. I’ve heard that some might ask questions like “should I be getting sandbags for my home”, or “what roads will be impassable”. The PGMUD levee is design to prevent flooding for a 100 year flood event (and then some by my observations – good job Mr. Engineers) so there should not be any flooding with PGMUD from this event. The National Weather Service is keeping the high water prediction of 53.5’. It would appear the that the water level readings at the Richmond gauge show a trend that may fall short of this prediction. But if the water does get to 53.5’ we do expect to have water up to the bottom of the levee in several areas. The area that we think would be first is near the intersection of Mason Road and FM 359, in the open field west of 359. This area is outside the Pecan Grove MUD levee. If the crest stayed at this level long enough we could see water over 359, but it should not crest over the portion that Pecan Grove MUD paid money to Texas department of transportation (who maintains FM 359) raised for our levee. We do not anticipate the need to deploy the WIPPS (Water Inflated Property Protection System). In the event that FM 359 is inundated with water on the south end, our planned route of access is via Mason Rd, entering the levee at the north end at Farmer Road.

I have contacted Sargent Gobar and Chief Wooley to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Please click here to subscribe to the Fort Bend County OEM website emails for more frequent updates. Also official updates are posted on our website. Please rely on the Pecan Grove MUD official website for reliable information.

Here is some more detailed information from our operator EDP. There are currently no unmet needs. PGMUD Level 2 Emergency Levee Operation was initiated May 28, 2016. All levee gates are closed with the exception of the FM 359 Levee gate. This gate will remain open; only being closed based on local observations of the water level along FM 359. All pump storm water pump stations remain ready in standby. All drainage systems are at low levels within the levee. 2 man teams are rotating through the pump station and conducting levee inspections. As the water levee approaches the bottom of the levee, we plan to deploy four 2 man teams on 6 hour shifts to continuously man the levee, walking the top of the levee conducting visual inspections. The customer call center has been briefed on the situation to improve communication with the public. PGMUD is posting daily updates on the web site. PGMUD also has email burst communication ready in the event an emergency condition should arise.

The Pecan Grove MUD office will be the command center for the levee operations.

As we hope you understand our operator’s first priority is emergency operations. Posting on the website is a priority, but not as high as priority is making sure all of our residents are safe from Brazos River flooding. We do encourage our residents to subscribe to the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management update system so that you can get much more frequent information, which you can do by clicking here.

Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Levee Operation Status

Heavy rains in the Brenham area over the last 24 hours will have the Brazos River water levels on the rise again. As a result Pecan Grove MUD and EDP will initiate Level 2 Emergency Levee Operations. EDP is conducting daily site inspections of the levee system and pump stations to confirm operation capability. The current prediction model from the National Weather Service indicates that the water level on the river at the Richmond gauge is above 35 feet and is expected to rise to 50.2 feet by midday Monday. If there is local rain fall, ponding water in the streets should be anticipated and is a normal part of the overall drainage and flood projection system. Please avoid driving through those areas and do not park your cars in your streets or driveways; cars should be housed in the garage to avoid rising water.

As always, please call EDP at our in district office if you have any questions, at 281-238-5000. We will continue to keep you posted.