Parks & Recreation

Residents of Pecan Grove are invited to enjoy our area parks. Only foot traffic and non-motorized vehicles are allowed on the levee, drainage channels and parks.

Park Reservations

If you are looking for reservations for the Administration Building, please click here. Thank you.

Individuals, groups and organizations within the PGMUD that wish to use the fields or picnic pavilion must reserve them with Marcus Campbell, Parks Manager by calling (832) 818-5600, or by email to

When are they needed?
  • Reservations are needed to guarantee access to the practice fields and Picnic Pavilion at Pecan Grove Park.
  • Reservations are required for individuals or groups who wish to schedule an event at one of the District park sites

Park Locations and Information

District park sites are open to all District residents and their guests. The boundaries of the District include Pecan Grove, Pecan Lakes, Plantation Place, and The Terrace. The District uses operation revenues to operate and maintain the parks.

Other parks and playgrounds exist within the boundaries of the District and are maintained and operated by the various homeowner associations. These additional recreational sites include:

  • Recreation Center and Playground on Misty Falls Lane (Pecan Lakes residents only) – The Pecan Lakes Homeowner Association
  • Belin Park and Field at 3242 Farmer Road – The Homeowner Association
  • Playground at 535 Old Colony Drive – The Community Improvement Association
  • Playground at 1619 Savannah Drive – The Community Improvement Association
Pecan Grove Park
  • Location: 800 Pitts Rd, Pecan Grove, TX 77406
  • Hours: Pecan Grove Park opens at 7:00AM and closes at dusk
  • Amenities: Baseball, Football, Soccer, Sand Volleyball and Frisbee Golf, Restrooms, Playgrounds, Picnic Tables, Picnic Pavilion, Orienteering Course (Compass, GPS or Map Navigation)
  • Maintained by: Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

Plantation Memorial Park
  • Location: 2100 Plantation Drive, Pecan Grove, TX 77406 (Adjacent to Country Club)
  • Hours: Open Daylight Hours
  • Amenities: 5-acre site, wooded, preserving natural setting, granite .25 mile walking trail with benches. This site is to honor our armed forces.
  • Maintained by: Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

Windmill Park
  • Location: Windmill Drive, Pecan Grove, TX 77406
  • Hours: Open Daylight Hours
  • Amenities: Playground, Basketball, Volleyball, and Gazebo
  • Maintained by: Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

  • Location: Surrounds Pecan Grove at the perimeter
  • Hours: Open Daylight Hours
  • Amenities:  Hike and bike trail
  • Maintained by: Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

Rules for District Park Sites

Park Rules are posted at all three District park sites and a complete set of park rules can be obtained from the Parks Manager. For your reference, a partial listing of the park rules is listed below:

  1. All pets MUST be on a leash at all times, and animal waste is to be cleaned up by the owner. Horses are prohibited.
  2. Glass bottles of any type are prohibited.
  3. Alcoholic beverages on park grounds are prohibited.
  4. Firearms and fireworks of any type are prohibited.
  5. Damaging or defacing any park property is strictly prohibited.
  6. Driving or parking outside of designated parking areas or driveways is strictly prohibited.
  7. Observe posted speed limits at all times.
  8. Abusive or offensive language is not permitted at any time.
  9. Advertising or solicitation is not permitted.
  10. Selling of any concession items is not permitted.
  11. Parks are for use by Pecan Grove MUD residents only.
  12. It is unlawful to violate any of the park guidelines and rules.
  13. No open fires or burning of any kind, with the exception of controlled pit fires in District-owned and maintained barbeque pits located in District-owned parks and facilities.

Violation of any of the PGMUD guidelines or rules related to parks will subject the violator to a fine of up to $5000 per violation or criminal penalties, including imprisonment, or both. In addition, improperly parked vehicles are subject to being towed at the operator or owner’s expense.

Observed violations should be reported to Marcus Campbell, Parks Manager by calling (832) 818-5600, by email to, or the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department at (281) 342-6116.