Pecan Grove MUD’s Water System

Many of our residents may have seen a news report about Brazosport area water being contaminated.


Our water system is completely independent from either of these other systems and is regularly tested and exceeds the State’s requirements for water quality.

Tropical Storm Beta

Tropical Storm Beta is predicted to make landfall near Matagorda Bay without strengthening to a hurricane. As shown in the forecasts, TS Beta is likely to make landfall on Tuesday. We don’t expect this to be a severe wind event but because the current forecast and models continue to show TS Beta to be a relatively slow-moving storm, and the forecasted landfall west of the Houston metro area, there is potential for local flash flooding and street flooding.

Pecan Grove’s utility company, EDP, has enacted their Emergency Preparedness Plan. They are checking all of our facilities to confirm backup generator and alarm system operation. Their team will be out working the event when conditions allow for safe outside movement. EDP customer service staff will be answering phones at their main office (281-238-5000). If the forecasted conditions worsen they have the ability for the customer service staff to take calls remotely.

News and August Board Meeting Highlights

Excerpts From Operator’s Report (EDP)

Water Accountability
  • Percent Accountability 99.4 %
  • PGMUD Total Metered Water 64,457,000
  • Amount Produced 64,846,000
  • Amount Unaccounted for 389,000
  • Amount Used for Maintenance, Est. 50,000
  • Amount Lost Due to Known Leaks, Est. 150,000
  • Adjusted Accountability 99.7%

Water source last month: 75.6% surface (Oyster Creek) 24.4% ground (wells)

Lift Station #7 Fence Replacement

I was authorized at the May meeting to replace the lift station #7 driveway fence. The fence has been replaced and the work is excellent.

Sidewalk Improvements From Previous Month
  • 3102 Old South Dr Sidewalk Repair Surrounding District Manhole
  • 2203 Pleasant Shade Sidewalk Repair Surrounding District Manhole
  • 1915 Hanover Springs Sidewalk Repair Surrounding District Manhole
  • 1911 Hill Forest CT Sidewalk Repair Surrounding District Manhole
  • 1203 Mayweather Ln Sidewalk Repair Surrounding District Manhole
Action Items – Repair Items Requiring Board Authorization
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Lobby Air Conditioner Compressor Replacement
    I am requesting authorization to replace the surface water treatment plant lobby air conditioner compressor for an estimated cost of $4,900.00. The current compressor is not able to hold a charge and repair is not possible.
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Carrier Water Meter Replacement
    I am requesting authorization to replace the surface water treatment plant carrier water meter for an estimated cost of $4,000.00. The current meter is not reading correctly and repairing the current unit is not possible.
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Sludge Well Pump #2 Repair
    I am requesting authorization to repair the surface water treatment plant sludge well pump #2 for an estimated cost of $7,900.00. The mechanical seals, bushings, and roller bearings are in need of replacement.
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Forklift Repair
    I am requesting authorization to repair the surface water treatment plant forklift for an
    estimated cost of $3,000.00. The speed sensors and bearings for the rear wheels have gone bad and need to be replaced.
In-Progress Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Repairs
  • 08/07/20 1510 Giles Main Break Repair
  • 08/03/20 2015 Plantation Sewer Lateral Replacement
  • 07/28/20 1614 Mahan Service Line Repair
  • 07/27/20 2326 Woven Wood Dr Service Line Repair
  • 07/27/20 2915 Old South Dr Service Line Repair
Meter Replacement

We continue to replace meters as they approach the one and one half million gallon mark as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 4,964 meters replaced to date, with 2 meter(s) replaced this month.

Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department Update

Fire chief Joe Woolley reported:

  • 118 calls for emergency service.
  • 70 calls were located in Pecan Grove
  • 28 calls were located in Waterside
  • 14 calls were located in Harvest Green
  • 6 calls were to mutual aid another agency or outside our area

Nothing big or out of the ordinary, but the volume of calls was noticeably higher than last month, Normal medical calls, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fire/Medical Alarms.

Sheriff’s Office Update

Lt. Wayne Hastedt reported:

  • 215 dispatched calls
  • 0 burglaries or thefts (but 1 car left unlocked was ransacked)
  • 3 arrests
  • 1 traffic stop (officers have reduced contact to a minimum to avoid COVID-19 spread)

Renewal of Contract Deputy Contract

The PGMUD board reviewed a contract deputy budget proposal from Fort Bend County that would take effect when the next fiscal year begins October 1. That proposal calls for 3 deputies to be assigned to patrol Pecan Grove (but not Pecan Lakes which opted not to participate). The cost is expected to be $26,090 per month. Pecan Grove MUD would pay 20% of the cost and the 80% remainder would be shared by POA, HOA and CIA. The PGMUD board voted to approve the contract deputy proposal subject to approval by all three of the partner homeowner associations.

Update on Proposed Regional Park and Pickleball Courts

Commissioner Andy Meyers has led a push to develop the land north of Frost Elementary School and west of Mason Road into a regional park. That project got a big boost when Commissioners Court allocated it $2 million of the Parks Bond issue that voters will have an opportunity to approve in the upcoming November election.

Commissioner Meyers has also endorsed the building of Pickleball courts on land to be acquired adjacent to and just south of the Harlem Road park.

From Robert Pechukas, Manager of Policy & Administration, Commissioner Andy Meyers:

We have $2 million allocated in the parks bond for the potential regional park and another $250k for Harlem Road Park (for the pickleball courts). We have not moved forward with the Pickleball courts as of yet, but will get back on track after a few other items that are higher priority are finalized.

Operations of the Parks

Report by Marcus Campbell, Owner of Time and Season

  • Due to COVID-19, T&S (Time and Season) completed additional cleaning as per the approval of the board for the month of August
  • T&S coordinated with WCA to have recycle bins at the Pecan Grove Park. They were delivered on August 10th, and will remain until further notice by WCA. See photo below.
  • T&S treated fire ants at Windmill Park.
  • T&S is working with CDC to complete irrigation repairs and upgrades at Windmill Park. I expect this work to be completed by next week.

The Board reviewed the question of whether to change the name of Windmill Park. The consensus was to keep that name. The board also reviewed and referred to the Parks Committee the following suggestion made by Marilyn Ewing via the “contact” menu item on the District’s website. Her suggestions follow:

Place a picnic table in Gazebo, there are benches but no table. Update play equipment with bright and colorful and new design. Add on side or across street by basketball court. Adult outdoor exercise equipment. Parents or others can work out while kids play.

If you have a suggestion for an improvement or addition to any of the District parks, please send an email via the PGMUD website.

District Administration Building

The Board was informed that the building planning committee would meet August 26 with the architectural firm handling building design to further refine details for the building. The next step will be to produce construction drawings so that bids for construction can be obtained. This building is planned for the southeast corner of Pecan Grove Park on Pitts Road.

Bullhead Slough Silt Removal and Shoreline Stabilization

As previously reported, two sections of Bullhead Slough are being deepened and their shoreline fitted with a system to prevent erosion of their banks.

The brown object at the right center of the photo below is referred to as a dewatering bag. The bag(s) is filled by sucking silt from the bottom of the channel and storing it in a dewatering bag. Over approximately a 30 day period the water seeps out of the bag and finds its way back into Bullhead Slough. With the water gone what remains is dirt. To finish the job, the bag is cut open and the dirt removed and hauled away.

Miscellaneous Items

Current year to date collection of ad valorem taxes due: 98.35%

Last year to date collection of ad valorem taxes due: 98.40%

Total visitors to Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District website: 1,173

Total subscribers to News and Alerts: 3428

Construction Project Updates

Report From Justin Ring, Odyssey Engineering Group


Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation

The District is dredging silt out of Bullhead Slough and rehabilitating the side slopes which have eroded over time. Project includes installing ShoreSox product at the water’s edge to stabilize and prevent future erosion. Project includes eastern and middle sections of Bullhead. Rehabilitation of the western section of Bullhead will be performed in the future.

Contractor is complete with shore stabilization portion of the project and is approximately 50% complete with dredging operations.

Residents are reminded that this will be an active heavy construction site. DO NOT enter construction site at any time. Unauthorized access to the construction area places the unauthorized visitor and construction crews at risk.

Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation

Construction is complete! The District wishes to thank the residents of Pecan Lakes for their understanding and patience during the construction of this project. The Contractor, Texas Wall & Landscape, did a great job in meeting the project goals and the project timeline.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District is installing a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off Skinner Road. The mixers create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways are being installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks.

Project is under construction. Sediment in the west tank will be removed in August and catwalk assembly will begin once that is complete.

South Pump Station Automation

The District is updating the electrical system to allow for the pumps at the south pump station to automatically turn on or off based on the water level in the main channel.

Project is complete.

Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2

The District is updating the electrical system including installation of a new generator at water plant no. 2 (located near the elevated storage tank).

Construction has commenced; therefore, Water Plant No. 2 is currently non-operational due to construction activity. Due to improvements from Centerpoint that are required for the project, the plant is expected to placed back into service in later September/early October.

Improvements at Water Plant No. 3

The District is modifying the pumps and piping system at water plant no. 3 (located at the end of Willow Bend Dr.).

Notice to Proceed has been issued. Contractor is ordering the necessary components and construction is expected to begin once Water Plant No. 2 is back online.

North Pump Station Improvements

The District is improving the access to the north pump station by adjusting the headwall and grading modifications. Project also includes automation of the pumps based on level of water in Bullhead Slough.

Construction activity onsite has commenced. The contractor has completed the headwall that will improve operational access to the pump station and is currently grading the site.

Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation

Scope of Work

Bullhead Slough (“Slough”) is a manmade channel that serves as an inline detention/amenity basin. The slough consists of three segments. All three segments are bounded on the north and south by Victoria Gardens Drive and Old Dixie Drive, respectively. The first segment, Eastern Pond 3, begins at Colonel Court Drive and ends at Old South Road. The second segment, Middle Pond 2, begins at Old South Road and ends at Farmer Road. The third segment, Western Pond 1, begins at Farmer Road and ends at the outfall into Oyster Creek. This project includes the first and second segments, or Eastern Pond 3 and Middle Pond 2. The third segment, Western Pond 1, will be rehabilitated under a different project in the future.

Existing Conditions

Over time the Slough’s side slopes have eroded. The diminished side slopes reduce the slope’s stability and can lead to worsening slope failures. Additionally, silt, or very fine dirt, has been deposited along the entirety of the Slough as a result of slope erosion and run-off. Silt has built up and reduced the depth of the Slough and created islands of vegetation growth. The shallower water leads to mosquitos, algae, and vegetation as well as reduces detention volume. Finally, the build-up of silt disrupts the fountains within the Slough.

Proposed Conditions

This project will resolve both of the existing condition issues of failed side slopes and silt build-up by removing the silt by dredging and restoring the side slopes with ShoreSOX installation. The dredged material is pumped into a dewatering bag to dry and then is hauled off-site and legally deposited. ShoreSOX re-stabilize shorelines using an open-ended containment system that is filled with locally sourced organic material. The ShoreSOX are then seeded to allow vegetation to grow through the sock and halt soil erosion.


The Notice to Proceed will be issued on July 6, 2020 and the project is expected to be completed in November 2020.


The Contractor, Storm Water Solutions, will begin by prepping the ShoreSOX along the edges of the most eroded side slopes. They will stage the primary dewatering bags on the northeast side of the Eastern Pond 3. They will also stage auxiliary/backup dewatering bags near the southwest side of Western Pond 1. The Contractor will then use a crane to place the hydraulic dredge into Eastern Pond 3. The dredge will remove silt via pumping into the dewatering bags. The dewatering bags will be surrounded by haybales as stormwater pollution prevention and to prevent any silt from reentering the slough. The dewatered material will be tested for acceptability for filling the ShoreSOX in lieu of imported soil/mulch. If unsuitable, the dewatered materials will be loaded into trailers and hauled off-site for legal disposal. This process will be repeated for Middle Pond 2.

The Contractor is allowed to work from 7 a.m. until sunset for seven days a week. At this time, the Contractor does not expect to work seven days a week in order to achieve the project delivery schedule. Weekend schedules will be approved on an as needed basis.

Residents are reminded that this is an active construction site. DO NOT enter construction site at any time.