Alligator Sighting in Pecan Lakes Detention Pond

Pecan Grove MUD has recently received reports of the presence of an alligator in Pecan Lakes Detention Pond. Pecan Grove MUD is monitoring the situation and following the guidance and regulations set by the Texas Parks Wildlife Department.

Pecan Grove MUD requests that residents report any sightings of alligators to its operator, Environmental Development Partners, at (281) 238-5000. Please share this information with your neighbors and visit for more details about the District.

Highlights of Pecan Grove MUD Meeting – June 29, 2021

The regular monthly meeting of the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District was held at the Pecan Grove Baptist Church on the evening of May 26, 2021. This was the first in-person meeting for the board since February of 2020.

PGVFD Report – May 2021

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Monthly Contract Report – Pecan Grove – June 2021

Operations Report (EDP)

Our operations group is continuing to investigate the under reporting of water produced.

Repairs and Operations

In May repairs were completed at the Surface Water Plant with the reinstallation of a dewatering pipe for the sedimentation basin, the replacement of a high service pump and the completion of the membrane health check. The damaged automatic transfer switch at the Waste Water Treatment plant was replaced. The annual fire hydrant flushing was completed.

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New Community Center in Pecan Grove Park

The Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District broke ground recently, in the Southeast corner of Pecan Grove Park, on a new Community Center. The District has completed the majority of the groundwork including digging the detention pond and laying the necessary pipework. Next steps include pouring the concrete slab for the Center.

The District had $1,000,000 in undesignated surplus funds remaining from their Series 2010 Bonds. Additionally, the District had approximately $752,000 in undesignated surplus funds originating from their reimbursement from a Natural Resources Conservation Service Grant. The NRCS grant was a reimbursement from the state for the Jones Creek Project.

In total, the District has allocated the $1,752,000 to be used for the new Community Center. Any unused funds remaining after the completion of the project will remain as surplus in the District’s account and could be used for future projects. The estimated cost of the Community Center project at completion is $1,634,000.

The Community Center will be used for both official District activities and public usage. There will be space for community rentals and activities. In addition, the Pecan Grove’s administrative office will move to the new Center and there will be space for the monthly District board meetings.

Currently, Pecan Grove Park has a pavilion that is often rented out. The Community Center will give the community an alternate space to use during less advantageous weather conditions.

The new Community Center will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021.

New Federal Flood Insurance Information

New FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 for Flood Insurance Premiums

Change Effective 10/1/21

Pecan Grove MUD residents,

A question that many residents have asked Pecan Grove MUD, is “Even though I live behind a levee, should I still buy flood insurance?” While each resident must make that decision for themselves, Pecan Grove MUD strongly recommends that every homeowner purchase flood insurance. Whether you have insurance already or are considering purchasing insurance, there is new information that you need to know.

Historically, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, would determine the flood risk of property based on published Flood Insurance Rate Maps. The maps, or FIRMs, would show different flood factors and flood risk potential which they would use to set the rates of flood insurance. This methodology has not changed in over 50 years, but the change is coming, effective October 1, 2021.  FEMA’s new method called Risk Rating 2.0 utilizes newer technology available to assess the flood risk of a property.

Using Risk Rating 2.0, FEMA estimates that 14% of Texas residents with an existing flood insurance policy will see an immediate decrease in their flood insurance premium; 79% of Texas residents with an existing flood insurance policy will see an immediate increase in their flood insurance premium that could be as much as $120 per year; 3% of Texas residents with an existing flood insurance policy will see an immediate increase in their flood insurance premium of $120 to $140 per year; and 4% of Texas residents with an existing flood insurance policy will see an immediate increase in their flood insurance premium greater than $240 per year. These FEMA estimates are for the first effective year and are averages only.

We do not yet know how Risk Rating 2.0 will impact flood insurance prices in Pecan Grove MUD. We do not know which category of premium change will include the District or your home.  However, if you already have flood insurance, FEMA says you will be grandfathered into how fast your flood insurance premium can increase. Under current law, it is federally mandated that a flood insurance premium cannot increase by more than 18% per year and FEMA indicates that they will abide by this rule.

However, we cannot guarantee any specific information about FEMA’s program or how future increases will be applied.

As Board members, we encourage you to get flood insurance now. Contact your home insurance provider. Since a flood insurance policy takes 30 days to go into effect, you must purchase your policy by September 1, 2021, for your policy to become effective prior to the effective date of Risk Rating 2.0.

Additional information regarding Risk Rating 2.0 can be found at Risk Rating 2.0: Equity in Action | We encourage you to visit the FEMA website and/or talk to your insurance agent as soon as possible.