PGMUD June 2019 Project Highlights

Please find below a partial list of projects in various stages of completion now underway in Pecan Grove MUD. This information is being provided so that you can stay up to date on these projects which are discussed at every meeting of the board of directors. To view the status of a particular project, please visit the construction projects page. If you have a question or comment about any topic, please call EDP, the district’s operator, at (281) 238-5000. And as always, if you would like to address the district’s engineer or the board, please join us at the next regular meeting July 30 at the Pecan Grove Baptist Church starting at 5:30 p.m.


  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Update for Water Plant No. 2
  • Bent Creek Court Drainage Improvements
  • Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Lift Station No. 4 Rehabilitation
  • Levee Drainage Improvements Adjacent to Harvest Green
  • Mason Road Levee Improvements
  • Main Channel Rehabilitation
  • Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation
  • Culvert Rehabilitation at Mayweather
  • Drainage Improvements to Serve Victorian Gardens Drive

Board Meeting – May 28 Highlights

  • A Girl Scout troop came before the board and asked for permission to build a butterfly garden in Memorial Park. Each of the 12 scouts shared telling the board about the project and permission was enthusiastically granted.
  • Greg Lentz of Masterson Advisors informed the board that certain outstanding portions of the District’s Series 2010 Bonds have been successfully refinanced about one week ago. This refinancing will save the residents of PGMUD $3,920,743 in interest without extending the length of payback.
  • Justin Ring of Odyssey Engineering Group updated the board on many projects in various stages of completion:
    • Work to start in June to install a flap gate that will protect homes on Bent Creek Ct. from water backing up when water level in main Channel rises.
  • Storm Water Solutions’ Karen Sears reported that as of mid-May they had they had re-anchored and cleaned the 8 aerators serving Bullhead Slough.  One aerator is temporarily out of service waiting for a damaged power cord to be replaced.