Jones Creek Rehabilitation Construction Notification

As you have seen, the Contractor for the construction project, Jones Creek Rehabilitation, has started with preliminary measures to assist construction access to the project. This work includes construction of access roads, temporary irrigation and the construction of the material staging area located north of the Pecan Lakes subdivision.

On Monday, October 14 the Contractor will begin the demolition of the existing structures. This activity will be loud at times and we appreciate the patience and understanding the residents that are directly affected by this construction activity.

The Contractor is allowed to work from 7 a.m. until sunset for seven days a week and, at this time, the Contractor does expect to work seven days a week in order to achieve the project delivery schedule.

During this time, please remember this is a construction site and stay safe! Please keep out of the construction area and instruct children not to play in or around the construction site.

If you have any questions about the work, please contact the District office at 281-238-5000.

PGMUD September 24th Board Meeting Highlights and Construction Update

Dear PGMUD Resident:

Below please find a summary of the many activities underway within the District.  Please feel free to call the District’s office, (281) 238-5000 for answers to any questions you may have.

Odyssey Engineering informed the board that construction is scheduled to begin in early October to remedy slope failure on Jones Creek. This is a major project and is necessary to insure the long-term integrity of the levee wall protecting Pecan Lakes.  Details about this project can be found at

The District sold on September 24 series 2019A bonds (A1 rated) totaling $8,385,000.  The effective interest rate the District will pay is 2.68 percent – a record low interest rate.

The Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department responded to 81 calls during the most recent 30 days of which 58 were in Pecan Grove (Waterside Estates and Harvest Green are also served by PGVFD).

An Orienteering Course in Pecan Grove Park was dedicated on September 13.  This course was built by Eagle Scout candidate Jonah Haven whose home is in Plantation Meadows.  It consists of some 22 hidden brass markers that persons navigating the course using either a compass or GPS must find.  Successful navigation of an Orienteering Course is required for Scouts and ROTC, but can be enjoyed by anyone.  The documentation needed to navigate the course will be posted soon at under menu item “Parks”.

The Butterfly Garden in Memorial Park is largely complete.  Soon to be installed is a bench donated by a PG resident in honor of a deceased relative.  The girl scouts who built the garden intend to build a decorative fence around it as soon as funds are available.

The board approved repair of aerator 7 on Bullhead Slough.  At future meetings a proposal to improve the reliability of the aerator system will be considered.  This would involve changing the type of aerators and anchoring them to the bottom of the channel.  BTW there are fish in Bullhead and fishing (with a Texas license) is allowed.

Windmill Park Potential Transfer:  The board was advised by its attorney that negotiations are ongoing  but that there are substantial difficulties dealing with provisions in the land title that must be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties before a transfer requested by the POA to PGMUD can be completed.

Sidewalks Most Recently Improved:

  • Tilman at Southern Place
  • 2439 Standing Oaks
  • 2422 Standing Oaks
  • 1814 Foster Leaf
  • 1935 Foster Leaf
  • 2539 Silent Shore
  • 2547 Silent Shore

Please keep in mind the district does not own nor maintain sidewalks, driveways and curbs and is unable to spend tax payer dollars to fix private issues. However, the district can make repairs to a sidewalk in the event there is a failed district utility in the area of the sidewalk and the deformation is substantial. Please call the customer service office to have your sidewalk investigated.

Water Meter Replacement:  EDP continues to replace meters as they approach the 1.5 million gallon mark as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 4,828 meters replaced to date, with 23 meter(s) replaced this month.

Water Accountability

  • Percent Accountability 95.2 %
  • PGMUD Total Metered Water 96,511,000
  • Amount Produced 101,420,000
  • Amount Unaccounted for 4,909,000
  • Amount Used for Maintenance, Est. 50,000
  • Amount Lost Due to Known Leaks, Est. 150,000
  • Adjusted Accountability 96.3%

E-mail Alert Subscribers now total 3,227.


  • Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Lift Station No. 4 Rehabilitation Is Complete
  • Main Channel Rehabilitation Contract Awarded
  • Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation Begins In October
  • Culvert Rehabilitation at Mayweather Begins In October
  • Drainage Improvements to serve Victoria Garden Drive
  • Levee Drainage Improvements adjacent to Harvest Green
  • Mason Road Levee Improvements
  • North Pump Station Improvements
  • South Pump Station Automation
  • Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2
  • Improvements at Water Plant No. 3
  • South Pump Station Access Road Improvement
  • Rehabilitation of Lift Station 7


Additional Information

For a description of all of the projects listed above, please visit the Construction Projects page of the website.

Construction Notification

Dear Pecan Grove Resident,

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the levee facilities in the community, Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District has awarded the contract for the Jones Creek Rehabilitation project to Texas Wall & Landscape (TWL). This project will repair the slope failures along Jones Creek behind the Pecan Lakes subdivision that were caused by Hurricane Harvey. The construction project involves removing the existing sheet piling and constructing a soldier pile wall with gabion basket slope protection. The gabion basket system is the preferred system for slope stabilization by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers due to their flexibility during the life of the project as well as their ability to allow saturated soils to more freely drain without impacting the structural stability of the overall system. The gabion system has successfully been used in similar areas along the Brazos River and Jones Creek. Please visit the Districts’ website for more information.

TWL will begin construction as early as the first week of October 2019. The construction project is expected to take 220 days, depending on weather and the conditions of the Brazos River. Due to the expedited construction schedule, TWL will be working seven (7) days a week from 7 a.m. until sunset. We are receiving federal funding for a significant portion of the design and construction and expedited construction is necessary to meet the federal funding requirements. We apologize in advance for the fact that the construction will be loud at times.

TWL will access the site from the north via F.M. 359 and from the east via a haul road from FM359, just north of the Pecan Grove Baptist Church. Please be mindful of the construction traffic in these areas.

During this time please remember this is a construction site and stay safe! Please keep out of the construction area and instruct children not to play in or around the construction site.

If you have any questions about the work, please contact the District office at 281-238-5000.