Thanks for visiting the new Conservation section of the Pecan Grove MUD website. Water education and conservation are very important to us and we’re happy to know they’re on your radar as well.

From time to time, we’ll be posting new and relevant articles related to this important issue and, if necessary, we will add to our list of links to other valuable resources.

Come back and visit us periodically for new informational articles and, as always, feel free to send us a message via our “Contact Us” page if you have any comments and/or questions. We hope you enjoy our first installment and appreciate your interest in protecting and preserving this precious natural resource.

Composting Information

Composting System Information
The Scoop on Composting
Waste Not Want Not

Water Conservation Links

These links do not constitute endorsements. These links were active at time of posting, but do change from time to time, however we will attempt to keep them current.

Texas Water Conservation Links
Federal Government Conservation Links