Thursday Morning Update

Good morning, Pecan Grove.  We are continuing to pump the water out of our system from the rains two days ago.  The system is fully operational and working as designed to drain the channels and basins.  The current weather forecast indicates that the region is expected to receive significant rain over the next three days.  While we do not know where the heaviest rainfall will occur, we are preparing the District accordingly.

Once the trash service has come to your house, please remove your trash cans from the curb.  In the event of heavy rains and street ponding, this will prevent the trash cans from blocking street inlets and keep the water from entering the storm sewer system.

Please continue to monitor information coming from Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management and

Weather Update

Good morning, Pecan Grove. Overnight the rains started to let up and stop so the inlets and storm sewers were able to catch up with any water ponding on the streets and drain them into the channels and basins. Right now those systems are holding the water and we continue to pump the water out of the system. All water is contained within the channels and basins and we do not have any reports of remaining flooding.

The system is fully operational and working as designed to drain the channels and basins. The longer the rain can stay away, the better it will be for the drainage system.

The rest of the week still has potential for more rain and perhaps heavy storms. Please continue to monitor information coming from Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management and

Brazos River Update

Due to the Brazos River level, as of this morning, our operator, EDP, has closed the sluice gate at the South Storm Water Pump Station and confirmed operations of the pumps. EDP is also running the lead pump at the Pecan Lakes Pump Station. The current forecast keeps us at these operational levels, but EDP is monitoring conditions as we expect local rain fall throughout the next few days. We will do another update tomorrow morning.

The graph below shows the river is expected to crest well below our levee height.

Brazos River Update


The Brazos River at the Richmond Gauge is currently at a depth (or stage) of 39.9 ft. After this past weekend’s rain, the National Weather Service’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service forecasts the Brazos River rising to a depth of 47.4 ft at Richmond by Friday May 10, 2019. In addition, the National Weather Service forecasts a 40%-60% chance of rain every day next week, with a “slight” chance of severe thunderstorms predicted by the NWS Storm Prediction Center.

Predicted Impacts

Based on the forecast flood stage of 47.4 ft, the following impacts are anticipated:
29.8’ – Water is over bottom of South Pump Station flap gates.38.6’ – Water is over bottom of Pecan Lakes flap gates. 40.0’ – EDP close South Pump Station Sluice Gates43.6’ – Pecan Lakes Pump Station – Lead Pump On45.6’ – Pecan Lakes Pump Station – All Pumps On


Based on the approved PGMUD EAP, the following actions are warranted at this time:
With predicted flood stage over 40.0 ft, we are in Readiness Level 4 (“Routine Operations”). The Operator should perform the following:Check gates for debris and seepageCheck channel slope conditionsCheck interior lakes for elevation changesCheck fuel level in Generator Once actual flood stage exceeds 40.0 ft, PGMUD will enter Readiness Level 3 (“Precautionary Operations”). Per the EAP this Readiness Level will add the following tasks to the Level 4 list: Set up Staffing Plan for OperationsCheck Emergency CommunicationsNotify Board daily of current & forecast conditionsNotify Board daily of equipment/supplies available and equipment/supplies needed

We will continue to monitor the situation and should the conditions change we will update you accordingly.

Unofficial Results of Election

Thank you to our voters who came out to Saturday’s bond and maintenance tax authorization election. We appreciate those of you who took the time to educate yourselves on the issues and vote.

Fort Bend County has reported the results to us, but they are unofficial until the Board canvassing the returns May 10. However, we have received word from the County, that even if the outstanding mail in ballots are returned before today’s 5 pm deadline, the results will not change.

Our proposition to vote bonds to improve our water sanitary sewer, drainage and levee facilities passed by a 64% margin – 246 for and 137 against.

Our proposition to be authorized to increase the maintenance tax to 75 cents passed by a slim margin – 196 yes to 190 no votes. There are 4 mail in ballots that still could arrive before the deadline, but even if those ballots are returned to Fort Bend County before the deadline, the favorable outcome will not change.


The Board plans to proceed as soon as possible with a bond application to the TCEQ to construct additional drainage improvements. We hope to sell bonds before the year end. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing some of you at our monthly meeting.

Trash Collection Tips

  • Tree trimmings need to be cut into 4 foot lengths, tied and bundled not to exceed 50 pounds.
  • Recycle cans are available at no charge. Call the customer service office (281-238-5000) to arrange delivery.
  • The maximum size allowable container is 50 gallons unless you purchased a cart directly from WCA.
  • The maximum weight per container, bag or bundle is 50 pounds.
  • Containers larger than 50 gallons and or items exceeding 50 pounds will have a notice placed on them indicating the need to use a smaller
    container or to remove some of the content on overweight containers or items for collection the next scheduled day.
  • Dirt, rocks, brick and concrete are not part of normal trash collection.

District Infrastructure Survey Work

In the coming weeks, the District will begin gathering detailed survey information of existing District infrastructure. During this information gathering, you may see representatives obtaining this information utilized GPS technology to survey the location of existing manholes, fire hydrants, valves and other District infrastructure. Please contact EDP should you have any additional questions:

phone: (832) 467-1599