June 4, 2019 Severe Weather Update

Why is there a Flash Flood Watch tonight through Thursday morning? The US National Weather Service Houston-Galveston Texas issued the watch due to potential high rainfall RATES over the next couple days. We’re not expecting a high TOTAL amount of rainfall, but it’s hard to predict right now what areas will see rates as high as 2-3 inches per hour.

What does this mean for you? It sounds basic, but if it seems like it’s raining hard, it probably is. If you’re driving and get caught in the heavy rainfall, exercise extreme caution. If you’re driving when the rain moves in, get off the road and to a safe, high, place since flash flooding can occur on streets and low areas.

How can you prepare?

  • First: Today and tonight before it gets dark you can clear drains, ditches, gutters, and curbs of debris that can wash into drains and cause street flooding. Stay hydrated and be mosquito smart! If you have a yard crew coming today, tell them not to blow your yard waste into the road.
  • Second: Secure anything in your yard that could wash away if it rains hard on your property.
  • Third: Check the weather before you go, since the rain is hard to predict and can quickly overwhelm drainage systems. Plan around the storms if you can since flooded roads can stall your car leading to permanent or expensive damage to your vehicle.

Drainage and Rivers

Right now our rivers are high but well within their banks. Unless the situation changes dramatically, we are not expecting any river impacts at this time. If rain falls at 3 inches per hour, isolated areas may see drainage systems overwhelmed and see some flash flooding.

Sign up for Alerts

Did you know that you can subscribe for automatic alerts like this straight from the National Weather Service from our FBC Alert system? When you register for alerts you can select what types of weather alerts you’d like, from lightning strike warnings to hurricane warnings! You can even choose quiet times so we don’t alert you at 2:00 AM unless it’s a really serious threat.

Board Meeting – May 28 Highlights

  • A Girl Scout troop came before the board and asked for permission to build a butterfly garden in Memorial Park. Each of the 12 scouts shared telling the board about the project and permission was enthusiastically granted.
  • Greg Lentz of Masterson Advisors informed the board that certain outstanding portions of the District’s Series 2010 Bonds have been successfully refinanced about one week ago. This refinancing will save the residents of PGMUD $3,920,743 in interest without extending the length of payback.
  • Justin Ring of Odyssey Engineering Group updated the board on many projects in various stages of completion:
    • Work to start in June to install a flap gate that will protect homes on Bent Creek Ct. from water backing up when water level in main Channel rises.
  • Storm Water Solutions’ Karen Sears reported that as of mid-May they had they had re-anchored and cleaned the 8 aerators serving Bullhead Slough.  One aerator is temporarily out of service waiting for a damaged power cord to be replaced.