The Club at Pecan Grove and Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District

Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District (PGMUD) has become involved in the possible acquisition of Pecan Grove Country Club (PGCC).  The current owners of (PGCC) are in negotiations to sell the assets of the club to new owners.  A group of current members, The Club at Pecan Grove (TCPG), was looking to buy the assets if they could raise the capital to complete a deal.  The sale was not a certainty and the continued viability of PGCC or its successor is of major importance for our neighborhood.  If the current owners are unable to sell it, there is concern that it might be abandoned.  This would have very negative effect on property values in Pecan Grove subdivision.  The value of homes and property could decline by 10% to 20%, according to the Matheson and Associates, the financial advisor to PGMUD.

Something similar happened to the Quail Valley Country Club course several years ago and the impact on values was so substantial that Missouri City stepped in, bought the course and renovated it and the increase in property values has more than made up for the previous impact.

PGMUD is proposing to buy just the physical assets of PGCC and make arrangements for TCPG to manage those assets along with the membership.  Currently this acquisition is on going and will take several months to come to realization.  PGMUD will provide updates periodically in this website.