Engineering Updates – October 25, 2022

Projects Under Construction

Main Channel Backslope Swale Rehabilitation

Board approved Quantity Adjustment No. 2 for $10,600 for final quantity contract adjustments and approved Pay Request No. 2 & Final in the amount of $147,186.25 and accepted the Certificate of Completion to close out the project.

Interior Ladders for Raw Water Tanks

Project includes installing ladders inside the raw water storage tanks at the surface water treatment plant to provide additional safety for the operators of the District. Engineer reported that the east basin ladders are installed and Operator has started draining the west basin for final measurement and manufacturing of the steel ladders.

Generators for Water Plant No. 1 and Water Well No. 5

Project includes installing natural gas generators for the water plant located on Pitts Road and the remote water well located near Austin Elementary.  Board approved Change Order No. 1 in the amount of $10,500 and Pay Request No. 2 in the amount of $156,825.00.  Engineering reported that Contractor still working with Centerpoint to install gas to water well no. 5 site for generators and authorized Engineer to coordinate with Director Yokubaitis for approval of change order for additional piping necessary to connect to the gas trunk line.

Levee Property Acquisition

District approved the increased property acquisition to ensure all levee facilities are within the acquired property.  Odyssey will work with property owner to obtain executed documents and coordinate installation of approved landscape and fencing.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project consists of rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines within the District.  Contract was previously awarded to King Solutions Services, LLC. Project is approximately 75% complete. Board approved Pay Request No. 1 in the amount of $146,936.80.

Surface Water Plant Driveway Modifications

Due to Fort Bend County’s planned extension of Brandt Road and planned intersection modifications of Brandt Road and Skinner Lane, the District’s driveway to the surface water treatment plant must be modified to accommodate future access.  The District will be reimbursed for engineering and construction costs of these modifications.  Modifications include relocation of driveway, access gate and related fencing and electrical work to accommodate new entry location. Contracts are with contractor for execution.

Northwest Pecan Grove Park Ramp

Project includes construction of a ramp and trail to facilitate access to the walking trail on top of the levee as it passes through Pecan Grove Park on Pitts Road.  Contracts are with contractor for execution.

Projects Under Design

Facility Arc Flash Study – Phase 1

Project includes analysis of District facilities with control panels to ensure compliance with current electrical standards.  Phase 1 includes surface water treatment plant and water plant nos. 1, 2 & 3.

Paid for out of Operating Budget 2023.

  • Preliminary Schedule
    • Authorize Phase 1 Study – October 2022
    • Study Complete – December 2022

Preliminary engineering is underway.

Pecan Grove Park Perimeter Walking Trail/Sidewalk

Project includes design and construction of a walking trail around Pecan Grove Park.

Paid for out of Operating Budget 2023

  • Preliminary Schedule
    • Preliminary Exhibit Prepared – November 2022
    • Construction Exhibit Finalized – December 2022
    • Solicit Bids and Execute Contracts – Start mid-December 2022 (90 days)
    • Anticipated NTP –late 1st Quarter 2023
    • Construction Complete – 2nd Quarter 2023

District reviewed preliminary schematic of trail layout and authorized engineer to proceed with final exhibit and bidding, when appropriate.

Waterline Rehabilitation – Phase 1

Project includes design and construction replacement waterline along Morton League Road. Paid for out of Bond Issue No. 18.