Engineering Updates – March 29, 2022

Engineering Report


Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation, Phase Two

Phase Two areas are complete. They have been inspected by Odyssey and CDC and all punchlist items have been addressed. We are working with Contractor on project close-out.


Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project awarded to King Solutions Services, had a base bid of $624,125 at 1/25/22 meeting. Contracts are under attorney review.

Generators for Water Plant No. 1 and Water Well No. 5

Construction plans are fully approved. Odyssey is working to schedule pre-construction meeting with City of Richmond prior to issuing Notice to Proceed. Submittals for generators have been reviewed and approved and Contractor has submitted to manufacturer.

Main Channel Backslope Swale Rehabilitation

In February, District awarded job to Infrastructure Construction Services with a bid of $274,297.50. Contracts are under attorney review.

Water Plant No. 3 Building Repair

Odyssey is working with Contractor on scheduling Notice to Proceed.

Interior Ladders for Raw Water Tanks

Pre-Construction meeting held on 3/24/22. Notice to proceed issued for 3/24/22.

Northwest Pitts Road Park Ramp

Topographic survey has been received and final design is underway. Plans will be submitted for agency review prior to April 2022 meeting.