Engineering Updates – June 28, 2022

Engineering Report

Engineering Matters

Subsidence meeting – Odyssey testified at the Fort Bend Subsidence District hearing regarding adjustments to the surface water conversion requirements. The date for all public compliance to the mandate to use 60% of their water from surface water sources has been pushed back from 2025 to 2027.

Projects Under Design

School – Odyssey worked with the developer of a property at 1120 FM 359 across from Richmond Tire and Automotive for a private K-8 school. The district engineer negotiated a 20’ easement next to the levee to allow for maintenance and access.

Ramp in Pecan Grove Park – Plans are updated per agency recommendations and have been resubmitted. After approval Odyssey will advertise for bids.

Projects Under Construction

Main Channel Backslope Swale Rehabilitation

Project is essentially complete awaiting closeout.

Interior Ladders for Raw Water Tanks

Contractor has mobilized and is preparing for installation in the raw water tanks at the surface water treatment plant.

Generators for Water Plant No. 1 and Water Well No. 5

Project includes installing natural gas generators for the water plant located on Pitts Road and the remote water well located near Austin Elementary. Contract awarded to WW Payton. Notice to Proceed has been issued and generators have been ordered by the Contractor. Current shipment schedule for the generators is August 2022.

Levee Property Acquisition

Project has been awarded to Greenscapes for the fencing installation and landscaping project.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project consists of rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines within the District. Contractor is executing contract documents prior to Notice to Proceed.

Projects Under Design

Surface Water Plant Driveway Modifications

Due to Fort Bend County’s planned extension of Brandt Road and planned intersection modifications of Brandt Road and Skinner Lane, the District’s driveway to the surface water treatment plant must be modified to accommodate future access.  The District will be reimbursed for engineering and construction costs of these modifications.  Modifications include relocation of driveway, access gate and related fencing and electrical work to accommodate new entry location. Construction plans have been approved by all local agencies.

Additional Engineering Items

District approved capacity commitment request of 3525 Farmers Road for 15,000 gpd of water and wastewater with an additional 3,000 gpd for irrigation for a future duplex community development.

District approved the updated Emergency Preparedness Plan and the Emergency Action Plan and authorized submittal to TCEQ and Fort Bend County.

Engineers will update the district’s Flood Damage Prevention Order and submit to the board for approval.

Odyssey has been working with Fort Bend Road and Bridge department to investigate pavement settlement on Farmer Road near Bullhead Slough.