Engineering Updates – July 1, 2020


Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation

The District is dredging silt out of Bullhead Slough and rehabilitating the side slopes which have eroded over time.  Project includes installing ShoreSox product at the water’s edge to stabilize and prevent future erosion.  Project includes eastern and middle sections of Bullhead.  Rehabilitation of the western section of Bullhead will be performed in the future.

Notice to Proceed has been issued for July 6, 2020 and Contractor will mobilize shortly thereafter.  The project will require the contractor to drain portions of Bullhead Slough in order to remove the built-up sediment and re-establish the sideslopes.  The District will post a comprehensive project write up in the coming days.

Construction is expected to take several months.

Residents are reminded that this will be an active heavy construction site. DO NOT enter construction site at any time. Unauthorized access to the construction area places the unauthorized visitor and construction crews at risk.

Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation

Construction has commenced on the Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation project, which consists of installation of gabion basket erosion protection system along the west side of Pecan Lakes, adjacent to Jones Creek.  Project is expected be under construction through Summer 2020.

On Segment A, the area immediately behind the residences, the Contractor has continued to work on installation of gabion baskets.  The Contractor is continuing to assemble gabion baskets and is making progress on the project.

The Contractor is allowed to work from 7 a.m. until sunset for seven days a week. At this time, the Contractor does expect to work seven days a week in order to achieve the project delivery schedule.

Residents are reminded that this is an active heavy construction site.  DO NOT enter construction site at any time.  There has been unauthorized access to the construction area which places the unauthorized visitor and construction crews at risk.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District is installing a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off Skinner Road.  The mixers create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways are being installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks.

Project is under construction.

The sediment in the east tank has been fully removed and contractor will begin assembly of the catwalk above the east tank in early June.

Sediment in the west tank will be removed in July and catwalk assembly will begin once that is complete.

Mason Road Levee Improvements

The District is working on raising the levee along Mason Road from the intersection of FM 359, north along Mason Road, then east along Oyster Creek to Farmers Road.   Plans include adding up to an additional one (1) foot of height to the levee between Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club and Farmer Road where it crosses Oyster Creek.  Project includes adjustments to the existing parking lot at Belin Park which will include new paving.

Construction is substantially complete.

South Pump Station Automation

The District is updating the electrical system to allow for the pumps at the south pump station to automatically turn on or off based on the water level in the main channel.

Notice to Proceed has been issued and construction has commenced with installation of conduit sleeves for electrical improvements.

Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2

The District is updating the electrical system including installation of a new generator at water plant no. 2 (located near the elevated storage tank).

Notice to Proceed has been issued.  On-site construction will begin in early July.

Improvements at Water Plant No. 3

The District is modifying the pumps and piping system at water plant no. 3 (located at the end of Willow Bend Dr.).

Notice to Proceed has been issued.  Contractor is ordering the necessary components and construction is expected to begin in Summer 2020.

North Pump Station Improvements

The District is improving the access to the north pump station by adjusting the headwall and grading modifications.  Project also includes automation of the pumps based on level of water in Bullhead Slough.

Construction activity onsite has commenced with the contractor removing the existing concrete slope paving.