Engineering Updates – August 30, 2022

Projects Under Construction

Main Channel Backslope Swale Rehabilitation

Project has passed inspections and is complete.

Interior Ladders for Raw Water Tanks

Project includes installing ladders inside the raw water storage tanks at the surface water treatment plant to provide additional safety for the operators of the District.  Contractor expected to install steelwork in east basin the first week of September.  Upon installation, Operator will begin draining the west basin to allow for final contractor measurements prior to steelwork fabrication.

Generators for Water Plant No. 1 and Water Well No. 5

Project includes installing natural gas generators for the water plant located on Pitts Road and the remote water well located near Austin Elementary.

Generators expected to arrive early September.  Project site is ready for generator installation.  Contractor working with Centerpoint to extend natural gas to the project sites.  District approved payment of Pay Request No. 1 in the amount of $28,800.00

Levee Property Acquisition

Odyssey is obtaining detailed survey information to determine extend of property acquisition necessary to meet the District’s needs.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project consists of rehabilitation of existing sanitary sewer lines within the District.  Contract was previously awarded to King Solutions Services, LLC.  Contractor is mobilizing in early September.  Odyssey is working on residential website notification which will identify the areas of rehabilitation.

Surface Water Plant Driveway Modifications

Due to Fort Bend County’s planned extension of Brandt Road and planned intersection modifications of Brandt Road and Skinner Lane, the District’s driveway to the surface water treatment plant must be modified to accommodate future access.  The District will be reimbursed for engineering and construction costs of these modifications.  Modifications include relocation of driveway, access gate and related fencing and electrical work to accommodate new entry location.  Odyssey is soliciting bids to bring to the September meeting for District award.

Projects Under Design

Northwest Pecan Grove Park Ramp

Project includes construction of a ramp and trail to facilitate access to the walking trail on top of the levee as it passes through Pecan Grove Park on Pitts Road.

Odyssey received three bids for the project with the low bidder being Pattern Pro Concrete with a bid of $73,015.82.  Board awarded the project to Pattern Pro Concrete.

Additional Engineering Items

Directors discussed and set a sale price for Surface Water Credits of $2,500 per million gallons for “B” Credits (those which expire) and $6,250 per million gallons for over conversion credits (which do not expire).  Odyssey will communicate these prices to Fort

District directors discussed concerns from resident located at 1915 Spreading Bough regarding shifting of their pool and patio due to the Jones Creek rehabilitation project.  District instructed Odyssey to obtain topographic survey of the area, including resident’s backyard and neighbor (if willing) to determine if any shifting is evident.

District approved, contingent on final document execution, an maintenance and access easement for the levee on the property located at 1120 FM 359.

District approved an adjustment of the hourly rate structure for Odyssey Engineering Group.  Odyssey has been engaged by the District since November 2017.