Engineering Updates – August 1, 2019

Motor Control Center (MCC) Update for Water Plant No. 2

District is updating the electrical controls for water plant no. 2 (located adjacent to the elevated storage tank on Mason Road). The existing control center has reached the anticipated design life and the technology is outdated. The District is updating the control center to current regulations utilizing technology that will seamlessly interface with the other District facilities.

Project is currently advertising for bidding and construction is expected to commence in early Fall 2019.

Bent Creek Court Drainage Improvements

The District will install a flap gate on the storm sewer outfall pipe that drains Bent Creek Court into the Main Channel located south of the cul-de-sac. When water in the main channel gets high, this flap gate will prevent water from backing up into Bent Creek Court.

Construction started in July and is expected to be completed in early August 2019.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District will install a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off of Skinner Road. The mixers will create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways will be installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks.

Construction is expected to commence in late Summer 2019.

Lift Station No. 4 Rehabilitation

The district is in the process of rehabilitating and updating the electrical controls at Lift Station No. 4. This lift station is located on Old South Drive and was constructed in 1992. The pumps, concrete wetwell, valves, electrical components and other appurtenances have reached the design life.

The Contractor has started bypass pumping to facilitate completion of the remaining construction items. Please contact EDP should you have any questions during construction.

Levee Drainage Improvements adjacent to Harvest Green

The District is working with the developer of Harvest Green to improve the drainage of the outside toe of the levee within the Harvest Green development. Drainage and grading improvements include grading improvements to ensure that the Harvest Green community drains away from the levee as well as new and clearly defined drainage swales to drain any rain that falls on the levee away from the toe.

Phase one of the project has been completed with Phase Two expected to commence construction in late Summer of 2019.

Mason Road Levee Improvements

The District is working on raising the levee along Mason Road from the intersection of FM 359, north along Mason Road, then east along Oyster Creek to Farmers Road.

Odyssey is currently working on a proposed alignment for the raising.

Main Channel Rehabilitation

The District is rehabilitating the south bank of Main Channel at its confluence with Jones Creek. During Harvey a portion of this bank eroded causing cavities behind some of the existing slope paving. Repairs will include rebuilding the slope, installation of an erosion control mat, and grout filing behind the void under the existing slope paving. The District has obtained approval from FEMA for this project.

Plans are currently under design with construction commencing in late 2019.

Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation

The District has begun the engineering for the Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation project, which consists of installation of gabion basket system along the west side of Pecan Lakes, adjacent to Jones Creek.

Project is currently advertising for construction with bid expected to be received in mid-August 2019.

Culvert Rehabilitation at Mayweather

The District is rehabilitating the existing culverts on the west side of Mayweather, where they discharge into Main Channel, in addition to minor slope paving repairs.

Bids were recently received and project is expected to start construction in September 2019.

Drainage Improvements to serve Victoria Garden Drive

The District is replacing undersized storm sewer from intersection of Victoria Garden Drive and Old South Drive to outfall into Bullhead Slough.

Construction plans are currently under agency review and project will be advertised for bids for construction. Construction is expected to commence in Fall 2019.