Engineering Updates – April 30, 2024

Levee Repairs at 1603 Savannah

Project includes removing a large tree which is dying located at the toe of the existing levee, back filling and repairing the levee, as necessary, and installation of swing gates to facilitate maintenance. Project consists of the following scope:

  • Bee Hive Removal & Relocation
  • Tree, Retaining Wall Removal and Levee Reconstruction
  • Gate and Fence Installation

Bee hive has been removed and relocated.  Tree is removed and levee re-established.  Fence and gate installation contracts have been signed and project will commence in May 2024.

Rehabilitation of Chemical Feed System at Surface Water Plant

Project includes modifications and rehabilitation of the chemical feed system at the surface water plant to increase efficiency and due to components reaching design life. Engineer reported that the contract is approximately 70% complete and that the Contractor is waiting on delivery of additional equipment for installation.

Wastewater Treatment Electrical Improvements & Generator Replacement

Project includes update of the control panel and related electrical system at the wastewater treatment plant as well as replacement of the existing generator. Contractor has completed preliminary site work.  Generator delivery anticipated in August 2024.

South Pump Station Generator

Project includes replacement of existing diesel generator at the South Pump Station. Contractor has completed preliminary site work.  Generator delivery anticipated in August 2024.

Elevated Storage Tank and Surface Water Plant Recoating

Project includes recoating of elevated storage tank and components of the surface water treatment plant.  Recoating of the elevated storage tank will include the Pecan Grove graphic on both the north and south facing sides.

The Board reviewed logo options and selected the following for placement on the elevated storage tank:

Storm Sewer Outfall Rehabilitation

Project includes repair and/or replacement of many storm sewer outfalls throughout the District based on inspections. Contractor has mobilized and commenced construction activity.

Projects Under Design

South Pump Station Headwall Modification and Redundant Closure Devices

Project includes modification of headwall structure for the South Stormwater pump station to allow for the design and installation of back up closure devices. Design Paid for out of Bond Issue No. 18 and construction to be funded by a future bond issue. Project is nearing final approval.

North Pump Station Redundant Closure Devices

Project includes design and installation of back up closure devices at the North Pump Station. Design Paid for out of Bond Issue No. 18 and construction to be funded by a future bond issue. Project is nearing final approval.

Programming Updates for the Surface Water Treatment Plant

Project includes upgrading the automation and computer components of the plant, including all necessary programming.

Engineer reported that bids were opened for the project and the low bidder was Ace Controls with a bid of $346,900.  This is over the estimated budget for the project; however, previous projects awarded in this fiscal year are under budget; therefore, Engineer recommended award of the contract to Ace Controls.  The Board approved the award of the contract to Ace Controls.

Belt Press Upgrades at Surface Water Treatment Plant

Project includes upgrading the belt press at the surface water treatment plant to allow for consistent operation and reduce the overall run time of the process. Engineer reported that design is complete.  Bids will be presented at the May Board meeting.

Arc Flash Study – Phase Two

Project includes studying electrical control panels for District facilities to ensure compliance with updated regulations. Study is complete.  Engineer is reviewing final recommendations prior to implementation of the necessary notifications at the District facilities.

Waterline Rehabilitation – Phase Two

Project includes replacement of aging waterline infrastructure within Plantation, Section One with additional location of Mayweather Lane between Plantation Drive and Morton League Road. Project to be paid out of bond funds. Topographic survey is complete and design has commenced.

Additional Engineering Items

Surface Water Treatment Plant Membrane

Membrane skid has been delivered to the plant and installation anticipated for the first week of May 2024.

District Slab Elevation Surveys

District slab elevation surveys are complete and being incorporated into the District’s GIS system as well as the drainage modeling.

Levee Construction Activity

Engineer reported that the contractor for the La Vista Cottages located on Farmer Road had inadvertently excavated a portion of the levee in an attempt to locate the waterline for connection.  District representatives have shut down construction operations and notified the Contractor of the need to back fill the levee per District criteria.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Engineer reported that the Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) has been updated to include current District information, including updating emergency contract information, change in chemical suppliers and addition of generators at Water Plant 1 and Water Well 5.  Board approved the modifications and submittal of the amended EPP to appropriate agencies.