Highlights of Pecan Grove MUD Meeting – April 25, 2023

The regular monthly meeting of the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District was held at the Pecan Grove Community/Administration building on the evening of April 25, 2023. The next meeting is scheduled for May 23, 2023, in the PGMUD Community/Administration building at 3:30 p.m.

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office
Monthly Contract Report for April 2023

PGVFD Report – April 2023

Parks Report

New tissue paper dispensers were installed in the restrooms at Pecan Grove Park. The flags at Memorial and Pecan Grove park were replaced. The butterfly gardens at Memorial Park were cleaned up and updated by residents and sponsors including:

  • Derrick Diaz of West Houston Pressure Washing
  • Kris & Dalin Russell of Green Pest Guys – South Houston
  • Mike Spall, Manager Lowes Cinco Ranch
  • Amanda & Shaun Alexander of Armored Vet

Operator’s Report

  • April 2023 testing showed that the drinking water system met the state and federal compliance standard for disinfection and there were no permit excursions for the month in wastewater.
  • The parts for the Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) settling basin main shaft as well as for the primary chain are delayed but should be received and installed immediately after receipt.
  • The SWTP high service pump #2 has been repaired and installed.
  • The replacement of the #1 booster pump at Water Plant #3 was repaired.
  • The step screen at the WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) should be repaired by the May meeting.
  • The backwash strainer at the SWTP will be replaced. We continue to get fault alarms during backwashes.
  • The South storm water pump station #4 pump was pulled for evaluation. A report is due.
  • Lift station #9 lift pump has failed, will be repaired and an insurance claim has been filed.
  • The #4 lift pump at the WWTP will be repaired.
  • The fence at the WWTP will be repaired.
  • The sludge pump cabinet cooler AC at the WWTP will be replaced.
  • A total of 470 water meters have been replaced this year for high usage (more than 1.5 million gallons) or for failure.
  • The customer service number is 281-238-5000.

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