Spring/Summer Newsletter

Our Spring/Summer Newsletter is now available.

Topics featured in this newsletter:

  • The New Fire Plan – How it Affects Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department
  • Developments in the District
  • Our New Website
  • New Recycling Carts
  • Project Updates
    • Grove 4&5 and Plantation 4&5 Drainage Projects
    • Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
    • Water Plant No. 2 Improvements
    • Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising
    • Plantation 7 Drainage Project
  • and much more!

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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Remembering Safety in Our Community

Another school year is already kicking off! In the midst of back-to-school and holidays fast approaching, it is important to remember how to make your family and our community as safe as possible. Here are some helpful tips from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office:

  • Remember to be sure to remove your valuables from your vehicle and lock the doors. Valuables sitting in a car, visible through a window make your car an easy target. And because criminals are looking for the easiest and fastest route into your car, a locked door is a simple and effective deterrent.
  • Be sure to close your garage door. This not only secures what is stored in your garage but also seals off access to your home. Turn the porch light on to illuminate your driveway….

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