Sanitary Television

Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District has contracted with Pro Pipe to conduct preventative maintenance by assessing the internal condition of select area of District’s sanitary sewer. Pro Pipe will be utilizing CCTV cameras and a method known as “smoke testing”.

Prior to performing CCTV inspection, Pro Pipe will clean the selected sanitary sewer segments. The cleaning process causes a vacuum in the sewer. This may affect some home that have inadequate or partially blocked drain vents. The vacuum caused by the cleaning process may cause “P-traps” to be sucked dry.

As a result, you may notice a sewer smell. To help minimize this effect, run a little water in your drains to refill the P-traps and it is recommended that you shut the water valve off to all your toilets, put the toilet seats down and cover floor drains with car mats on the days that sewer cleaning is scheduled. This will also minimize any possible splashing that of the P-trap water in homes that are poorly vented.

These same directions should be followed when smoke testing is being performed. The smoke testing will be performed after the cleaning and CCTV inspection. Smoke testing is utilized to determine where possible defects in the sewer main might exist. It is not uncommon for smoke to enter houses through the sewer lateral (service connection) and to exit through dry P-traps and other areas of the home where ventilation might not be superior.

Pro Pipe will be conducting CCTV in sections of Plantation 4 & 5 starting on May 19, 2021. The process should take no more than two days before Pro Pipe moves to another area within the District.

The current schedule is Plantation 12 &22, Outer section 2 of Pecan Lakes, Plantation 6 & 9 followed by Plantation Place.  Once the CCTV is performed the Pro Pipe will commence smoke testing and we will further update the notice.

If you would like further information, Pro Pipe’s on site representative is Robert Hueners and can be reached at 214-784-2360.

The Districts representative is Russell Piper who can be reached at 281-238-5000.