Brazos River Update – August 29 at 1:00 pm

The National Weather Service has just changed the expected crest level to 57.5′ at the Richmond gauge. This is below the previous estimate of 59′. We are expecting the County to issue this change shortly. Please follow the Fort Bend County OEM website for river updates as it is difficult for forecasters to predict the Brazos River forces with certainty.

Some roads in our MUD are still impassable.

Our pumps are in full operations and are pumping water out as quickly as they can. We need more breaks in rainfall to allow our pump systems to get ahead of this rainfall.

If the Brazos River does not exceed the new forecast of 57.5′ our levee and the precautions we have taken should mean our levee should not overtop. But we cannot predict the river level with certainty. But this lower projection is really good news.

Our certified divers are still working to place the 2 plugs in the outside detention pond. Water has slowed down coming through that leak due to the one plug we were able to get in the larger inlet last. We will update if we are able to get the other plugs in.

Here is a link for helpful tips for finding out road conditions.

Also Fort Bend County has driving and road info out on its website.