PGMUD October 29th Board Meeting Highlights and Construction Update

Dear PGMUD Resident:

Below please find a summary of the many activities underway within the District. Please feel free to call the District’s office at (281) 238-5000 for answers to any questions you may have.

Recently the District engaged the services of a e-commerce company to send to some 7000 Realtors in Fort Bend County a copy of the EVO Report. This report compares Pecan Grove MUD’s water and tax rates to comparable MUD districts in our area. Realtors were invited to bring their clients to our very favorable cost environment. The EVO report can be viewed on the District’s web site.

Deputy Watkins with the Fort Bend County Sherriff’s Department advised the Board that data collected from several speed monitoring devices deployed within Pecan Grove indicates that Mayweather is the only street where significant speeding (over 35 mph) is occurring. He promised extra vigilance by Sheriff’s deputies assigned to Pecan Grove.

Fire Chief Woolley of the Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department (“PGVFD”) reported average call volumes during the month of October, 2019. He said that Santa Claus will ride with PGVFD and visit all Pecan Grove neighborhoods, Waterside Estates and Harvest Green on Saturday, December 7, 2019 beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Park Manager Marcus Campbell proposed two projects for improvement of Pecan Grove Park: (1) a structure to provide shade for the swing sets; and (2) enhancements for the restrooms. The Board asked him to bring pricing information to the Board meeting next month. Mr. Campbell also reported that new soccer nets have been installed and irrigation for the butterfly garden has been completed in Memorial Park.

Jonah Haven has drafted detailed instructions needed to navigate the ORIENTEERING COURSE he installed at Pecan Grove Park. These instructions will be available on the District’s web site on or before November 8, 2019. Go to and select “Parks”.

The Board is continuing to work towards potential transfer of WINDMILL PARK to PGMUD. At the last meeting, the District’s attorney reviewed a proposed Special Warranty Deed which, following the Board’s review, will be delivered to the parties whose agreement is necessary to transfer the park to PGMUD.

Excerpts from the EDP Operator’s Report

Sidewalk Improvements from Previous Month
  • 10/07/19 – 2431 Broken Elm Driveway Panel Around Manhole
  • 10/07/19 – 2511 Colonel Court Dr. Sidewalk Around Manhole
  • 10/07/19 – 2411 Woodwind Sidewalk Around Manhole
  • 10/07/19 – 2122 Thompson Crossing Sidewalk Around Manhole

Please keep in mind the District does not own nor maintain sidewalks, driveways and curbs and is unable to spend tax payer dollars to fix private issues. However, the District can make repairs to a sidewalk in the event there is a failed district utility in the area of the sidewalk and the deformation is substantial. Please call the customer service office to have your sidewalk inspected.

Meter Replacements

We continue to replace meters as they approach the 1.5 million gallon mark, as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 4,840 meters replaced to date, with 17 meter(s) replaced this month.

Water Distribution Lines

Water distribution lines within the District are in relatively good condition. There has been no concentration of repair on any of the lines. Repeated repairs of leaks in a section of a distribution line would tend to indicate a deterioration of that line’s condition. The district will continue to closely monitor the status of our distribution lines to keep them in reliable operating condition.

Harvest Green Water Treatment Facility

Harvest Green advised the District that as of October 24 their water treatment facility was fully operational and that effective immediately they would no longer purchase water from Pecan Grove MUD. The board asked the Operator to be sure to place a lock on the interconnect valve.

Odyssey Engineering Report

Projects Under Construction

Main Channel Rehabilitation

The District is rehabilitating the south bank of Main Channel at its confluence with Jones Creek. During Harvey, a portion of this bank eroded causing cavities behind some of the existing slope paving. Repairs will include rebuilding the slope, installation of an erosion control mat, and grout filing behind the void under the existing slope paving. The District has obtained approval from FEMA for this project.

Bids for construction were opened and the contract was awarded to Aranda Industries, LLC. Construction by mid-November, 2019.

Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation

Construction has commenced on the Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation project, which consists of installation of gabion basket erosion protection system along the west side of Pecan Lakes, adjacent to Jones Creek. Project is expected be under construction through 2020.

Drainage Improvements to Serve Victoria Garden Drive

The District is replacing the existing storm sewer from the intersection of Victoria Garden Drive and Old South Drive to the outfall into Bullhead Slough with a larger storm sewer to improve drainage in the area. In order to facilitate construction, there will be periodic road closures throughout November, starting November 6, 2019. Traffic lanes will be open at the end of the work day. Construction is expected to be completed in early December 2019.

Culvert Rehabilitation at Mayweather

Construction has commenced on the rehabilitation of existing culverts on the west side of Mayweather, where they discharge into Main Channel, in addition to minor slope paving repairs. The Project is expected to last through the end of 2019.

Levee Drainage Improvements Adjacent to Harvest Green

Construction has commenced on improvements to the drainage of the outside toe of the levee adjacent to the Harvest Green development. This project will clear out the trees and vegetation that prevents adequate drainage on the toe of the levee. Construction is expected to last through 2019.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District will install a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off Skinner Road. The mixers will create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways will be installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks. Notice to proceed has been issued and materials have been ordered by Contractor. Construction at the Surface Water Treatment Plant is expected to commence in January 2020.

Projects Under Design

Mason Road Levee Improvements

The District is working on raising the levee along Mason Road from the intersection of FM 359, north along Mason Road, then east along Oyster Creek to Farmers Road. Plans include adding up to an additional one (1) foot of height to the levee between Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club and Farmer Road where it crosses Oyster Creek. The Project will include adjustments to the existing parking lot at Belin Park which will include new paving in portions of the parking lot. The current schedule is for construction to commence in early 2020.

North Pump Station Improvements

The District is improving the access to the north pump station by adjusting the headwall, grading and relocation of existing powerlines. The Project also includes automation of the pumps based on level of water in Bullhead Slough. The Project is currently under design and construction is currently planned for mid-2020.

South Pump Station Automation

The District is updating the electrical system to allow for the pumps at the south pump station to automatically turn on or off based on the water level in the main channel. Design is being completed and project is advertising to receive construction bids.

Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2

The District is updating the electrical system including installation of a new generator at water plant no. 2 (located near the elevated storage tank). Design is underway and expected to be completed by the end 2019 with construction anticipated in early 2020.

Improvements at Water Plant No. 3

The District is modifying the pumps and piping system at water plant no. 3 (located at the end of Willow Bend Dr.). Design is underway and expected to be completed in 4th Quarter 2019 with construction anticipated in early 2020.

South Pump Station Access Road Improvements

The District is improving the access road to the south pump station to install a concrete driveway. Design is underway and expected to be completed in 4th Quarter 2019 with construction anticipated in early 2020.

Rehabilitation of Lift Station 7

The District is rehabilitating and updating the electrical controls at Lift Station No. 7. The pumps, concrete wet well, valves, electrical components and other appurtenances have reached the design life. The Project is currently advertising, and construction is expected to commence in early 2020.