PGMUD August 27th Board Meeting Highlights

Highlights of PGMUD Board Meeting, August 27, 2019

1. The average appraised value of all the residential properties in PGMUD has stayed almost the same. The average fell from about $244,000 last year to $243,000 this year.

2. The PGMUD tax rate will be increased from $0.61½ to $0.63½ per hundred dollars of appraised value. This is a 3.25% increase. The biggest reason for the increased taxes is the impending loss of revenue from selling water to Harvest Green, which amounted to about $1 million in fiscal 2019. Harvest Green is completing their own wells and will not be buying water from Pecan Grove in the near future. The new tax rate will also provide funds needed to cover principal and interest for $8,385,000 in new bonds to be sold September 24, 2019. The new bonds are for the first set of projects identified in the recent bond election. The expected interest rate is 2.5% or less – a very good rate for PGMUD. The expected rating by Moody’s is A1.

3. The sheriff’s deputy contracted to Pecan Grove reported there were a few cars burglarized in August. The only cars broken into were those unlocked and one even had keys left inside it.

4. The possible Windmill Park transfer from the POA to PGMUD is waiting on legal issues related to paperwork that is missing.

5. The board voted to: increase the deposit fee to $125 with an additional $100 deposit charged per disconnection up to a maximum of $600; increase the reconnection fee to $75; and add charges of $10 each for delinquent letters and termination tags delivered to the customer. Click here to see the entire rate order.

6. Fire Chief Wooley informed the board that the Smith Estate bordering Harlem Road, where the brush has been cleared and a fence installed is going to be used as ranch land. It was also noted that the County’s Harlem Road park is planned as a baseball park.

7. Two sidewalks were repaired or raised in August: 1411 Roundstone Dr. and
2814 Greens Ferry Ct. Remember that PGMUD only addresses those sidewalks where district property (like manholes or water line leaks) have caused or contributed to the sidewalk moving substantially. Anyone with a sidewalk issue should contact the MUD office, 281-238-5000.

8. Water connections in PGMUD remained steady at 4484 (South Grand Apartments counts as one connection).

Please find below a partial list of projects in various stages of completion now underway in Pecan Grove MUD. This information is being provided so that you can stay up to date on these projects which are discussed at every meeting of the board of directors. If you have a question or comment about any topic, please call EDP, the district’s operator, at (281) 238-5000. And as always, if you would like to address the district’s engineer or the board, please join us at the next regular meeting September 24th at the Pecan Grove Baptist Church starting at 5:30 p.m.

Projects Under Construction

  • Bent Creek Court Drainage Improvements
  • Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant
  • Lift Station No. 4 Rehabilitation
  • Main Channel Rehabilitation
  • Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation
  • Culvert Rehabilitation at Mayweather
  • Drainage Improvements to Serve Victoria Garden Drive
  • Levee Drainage Improvements adjacent to Harvest Green

Projects Under Design

  • Mason Road Levee Improvements
  • North Pump Station Improvements
  • South Pump Station Automation
  • Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2
  • Improvements at Water Plant No. 3
  • South Pump Station Access Road Improvements
  • Rehabilitation of Lift Station 7

Additional Information

For a complete description of all of the current projects taking place in Pecan Grove MUD, visit the Construction Projects page of the website.