New Community Center in Pecan Grove Park

The Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District broke ground recently, in the Southeast corner of Pecan Grove Park, on a new Community Center. The District has completed the majority of the groundwork including digging the detention pond and laying the necessary pipework. Next steps include pouring the concrete slab for the Center.

The District had $1,000,000 in undesignated surplus funds remaining from their Series 2010 Bonds. Additionally, the District had approximately $752,000 in undesignated surplus funds originating from their reimbursement from a Natural Resources Conservation Service Grant. The NRCS grant was a reimbursement from the state for the Jones Creek Project.

In total, the District has allocated the $1,752,000 to be used for the new Community Center. Any unused funds remaining after the completion of the project will remain as surplus in the District’s account and could be used for future projects. The estimated cost of the Community Center project at completion is $1,634,000.

The Community Center will be used for both official District activities and public usage. There will be space for community rentals and activities. In addition, the Pecan Grove’s administrative office will move to the new Center and there will be space for the monthly District board meetings.

Currently, Pecan Grove Park has a pavilion that is often rented out. The Community Center will give the community an alternate space to use during less advantageous weather conditions.

The new Community Center will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2021.