News + April Board Meeting Highlights

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration the PGMUD Board Conducted Its April 28 Meeting By Teleconference. The meeting began at 5:30 p.m. and ended at 7:20 p.m.

Parks Report

Effective May 2 the playground equipment and restrooms have reopened at Pecan Grove Park on Pitts Rd. These facilities will be cleaned and disinfected daily. Visitors are asked to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus by observing social distancing (6 feet) and to wash hands after touching surfaces such as the playground equipment, picnic tables or surfaces in the restroom.

A shade structure for certain park playground equipment is expected to be installed the week of May 4.

Trash Report

Normal pickup of recycle material has resumed. During the suspension of home pickup, WCA maintained one 30 cubic yard container in Pecan Grove Park. A total of 8 of these containers were filled by Pecan Grove residents, taken to the recycle center and returned. All 22 employees who were sickened or quarantined are now back on the job.

Residents may now report trash or recycle pickup problems on line. Go to At the top of the home page you will see “Report Trash/Recycle Problem”. Click that link and complete the form that appears. When “send” is clicked your report will go to WCA as well as the PGMUD office.

Sheriff’s Report

There were 291 dispatched calls, 33 traffic stops, 3 arrests (assault, DWI, Assault – Family Violence) and 0 burglaries or thefts. Deputy Bennett reported that sheriff deputies are continuing to keep a lookout for motorized vehicles unauthorized on the levee.

Fire Department Report by Chief Woolley

Nothing big or out of the ordinary, Normal medical calls, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fire/Medical Alarms.

  • 103 calls for emergency service.
  • 67 calls were located in Pecan Grove
  • 22 calls were located in Waterside
  • 8 calls were located in Harvest Green
  • 5 calls were located outside of our district
  • 1 call was to mutual aid another agency. We did have 2 small fires in Pecan Grove and both were contained in the area of origin: a microwave & a fish tank. Neither spread.

Update on Covid-19: We are continuing our operation the same, following the protocol set by Fort Bend County EMS and Fort Bend County Health and Human Services. Basically, we are treating every patient as if they are positive. So, if you have a medical emergency and we respond, we will provide you with a mask for you or a caregiver to place on you for precaution. Don’t be alarmed. We are continuing to limit our exposure by only sending 1 firefighter inside your home on non-life threatening situations and having you walk outside. Life threatening emergencies (Cardiac Arrest, Difficulty Breathing etc.) we will handle as normal, doing whatever we need to. We will wear much more P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment).

We are still looking for a high-water vehicle.

Our Golf tournament has been moved to November for now.

We are still moving forward with the Five Miles My Way fun run on July 4th. We will be registering each weekend in June in front of the Daycare in Randall’s parking lot.

Our annual audit may be a little later than normal due to the pandemic. Our auditor is being cautious about scheduling dates to come out. We are set up for May 18th if nothing happens.

Report by the District Operator EDP

Water Accountability

  • Percent Accountability 96.5 %
  • PGMUD Total Metered Water 39,227,000
  • Amount Produced 40,639,000
  • Amount Unaccounted for 1,411,000
  • Amount Used for Maintenance, Est. 50,000
  • Amount Lost Due to Known Leaks, Est. 150,000
  • Adjusted Accountability 99.9%

Drinking Water Testing

We collected 15 bacteriological samples in the month of March 2020. Daily distribution system disinfection testing confirmed the drinking water system met the state and federal compliance
standard for disinfection.

Sidewalk Improvements From Previous Month

  • 2555 Lake Dale Ln Sidewalk Repair Surrounding Manhole
  • 1903 Misty Falls Sidewalk Repair Surrounding Manhole

Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing

The annual fire hydrant flushing was postponed last month and has been rescheduled for the week of May 25th.

Annual EVO REPORT comparing PGMUD with area utility districts was received.

As you can see from the charts below which can be found on our website, PGMUD has lower taxes and lower water bills than any of the MUDs compared.

Number of subscribers to PGMUD’s News & Alerts: 3,322.

Generator Safety Tips from PGVFD

As we enter hurricane season, I wanted to remind everyone of the hazards of portable generators.

The primary hazards when using a generator are carbon monoxide poisoning from the toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. Here are tips for safely using generators:

  • Follow the instructions that come with your generator. Never use a generator indoors or in partially enclosed spaces, including homes, garages, basements and crawl spaces – even those with partial ventilation. Never run a generator in areas where people or animals are present. Opening doors and windows or using fans will not prevent carbon monoxide build-up in the home. Place the generator away from open windows.
  • Don’t assume that you are safe. Carbon monoxide fumes emitted by gasoline engines can be fatal, often without the victims – especially those who are sleeping – ever realizing the danger. You cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. So even if you do not smell exhaust fumes, you may be exposed. If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get to fresh air immediately. The carbon monoxide from generators can rapidly lead to full incapacitation and death. If you experience serious symptoms, get medical attention right away and inform medical staff that carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected. If the symptoms occurred while indoors, call the fire department to determine if it is safe to re-enter the building.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms inside your home to warn when carbon monoxide levels from any source pose a serious health risk. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended placement.
  • Always connect the generator to the appliances with heavy-duty extension cords. Hooking up your generator directly into your home power supply could energize the outside power lines and potentially injure or electrocute an unwary utility lineman. It also bypasses some of the built-in household circuit protection devices. If you must connect the generator through the house wiring to power appliances, use a qualified electrician to install the appropriate equipment in accordance with local electrical codes. Or, ask your utility company to install an appropriate power transfer switch.
  • Never store fuel for your generator in your house. Gasoline, propane, kerosene, and other flammable liquids should be stored outside of living areas in properly labeled, non-glass safety containers. Do not store them near a fuel-burning appliance, such as a natural gas water heater in a garage. If the fuel is spilled or the container is not sealed properly, invisible vapors from the fuel can travel along the ground and be ignited by the appliance’s pilot light or by arcs from electric switches in the appliance. Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down. Gasoline spilled on hot engine parts could ignite, and invisible vapors from the fuel can travel along the ground and be ignited by the generator’s pilot light or by arcs from electric switches in the appliance.

Information taken from
Stay Safe, Fire Chief Joe Woolley


Main Channel Rehabilitation

The District is rehabilitating the south bank of Main Channel at its confluence with Jones Creek.  During Harvey a portion of this bank eroded causing cavities behind some of the existing slope paving.  Repairs included rebuilding the slope, installation of an erosion control mat, and grout filing behind the void under the existing slope paving.  The District has obtained approval from FEMA for this project.

Construction is complete with inspections to be held in early May.

Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation

Construction has commenced on the Jones Creek Slope Rehabilitation project, which consists of installation of gabion basket erosion protection system along the west side of Pecan Lakes, adjacent to Jones Creek.  Project is expected be under construction through Summer 2020.

Segment B, location near the pump station, is complete, with only minor items remaining as part of close out of the entire project.

On Segment A, the area immediately behind the residences, the Contractor has continued to work on installation of gabion baskets.  The Contractor is approximately 75% complete with bottom layer, about 25% complete with the second layer and has started on the third layer.

The Contractor is allowed to work from 7 a.m. until sunset for seven days a week. At this time, the Contractor does expect to work seven days a week in order to achieve the project delivery schedule.

Residents are reminded that this is an active heavy construction site.  DO NOT enter construction site at any time.  There has been unauthorized access to the construction area which places the unauthorized visitor and construction crews at risk.

Levee Drainage Improvements adjacent to Harvest Green

This project, which cleared out the trees and vegetation that prevents adequate drainage on the toe of the levee adjacent to the Harvest Green development, is complete pending final grass growth.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District will install a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off Skinner Road.  The mixers will create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways will be installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks.

Project is under construction.  Raw water sediment mixers are operational and working very efficiently.  Contractor is assembling stairs and walkway on site for installation in early May.

Mason Road Levee Improvements

The District is working on raising the levee along Mason Road from the intersection of FM 359, north along Mason Road, then east along Oyster Creek to Farmers Road.   Plans include adding up to an additional one (1) foot of height to the levee between Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club and Farmer Road where it crosses Oyster Creek.  Project will include adjustments to the existing parking lot at Belin Park which will include new paving in

Construction is underway. Contractor is approximately 75% complete with construction. Construction is expected to last into June 2020.

Residents are reminded that this is an active heavy construction site.  DO NOT enter construction site at any time.

South Pump Station Automation

The District is updating the electrical system to allow for the pumps at the south pump station to automatically turn on or off based on the water level in the main channel.

Notice to Proceed has been issued and construction has commenced with installation of conduit sleeves for electrical improvements.

South Pump Station Access Road Improvements

The District is improving the access road to the south pump station to install a concrete driveway.

Project is complete pending final inspections.

Residents are reminded that this is an active heavy construction site.  DO NOT enter construction site at any time.

Rehabilitation of Lift Station 7

The District is rehabilitating and updating the electrical controls at Lift Station No. 7. The pumps, concrete wet well, valves, electrical components and other appurtenances have reached the design life.

Construction has commenced on the project.  The Contractor has expedited construction activities.  Lift station is expected to undergo start up testing the first week of May 2020.

Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2

The District is updating the electrical system including installation of a new generator at water plant no. 2 (located near the elevated storage tank).

Notice to Proceed has been issued.  Contractor is ordering the necessary components and construction is expected to begin in Summer 2020.

Improvements at Water Plant No. 3

The District is modifying the pumps and piping system at water plant no. 3 (located at the end of Willow Bend Dr.).

Notice to Proceed has been issued.  Contractor is ordering the necessary components and construction is expected to begin in Summer 2020.



North Pump Station Improvements

The District is improving the access to the north pump station by adjusting the headwall and grading modifications.  Project also includes automation of the pumps based on level of water in Bullhead Slough.

District received bids on the project and awarded the project to Rally Construction, Inc. Notice to Proceed is expected to be issued in June 2020.

Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation

The District is dredging silt out of Bullhead Slough and rehabilitating the side slopes which have eroded over time.  Project includes installing ShoreSox product at the water’s edge to stabilize and prevent future erosion.  Project includes eastern and middle sections of Bullhead.  Western section of Bullhead will be performed in the future.

District received bids and awarded the contract to Storm Water Solutions.  Notice to Proceed is expected to be issued in June 2020.