News and September Board Meeting Highlights

Public Hearing and Adoption of Tax Rate for 2021

PGMUD board president Ryan Yokubaitis opened the meeting conducted by telephone conference call and asked for public comment regarding the proposed tax rate for the coming year.  Paul Metcalf asked for clarification as to the exact rate and was advised that the proposed total tax would remain the same as last year at 63.5 cents per $100 of taxable value.  The board then adopted that tax rate by unanimous vote.

Report From Trash Hauling Company WCA

Trevor Royal representing WCA was asked why there had been a noticeable increase in garbage collection complaints in the previous 30 days.  He advised the board that in late August the company took delivery of six new trash hauling trucks and retired the old ones.  Unfortunately, all the new trucks required additional work and they were not able to be used on a full schedule.  Mr. Royal said the problems have been resolved and service errors should diminish sharply.

Report From PGVFD

Fire Chief Joe Woolley reported normal activity with no major fires or unusual events.  There were 85 calls for service as follows:  51 Pecan Grove, 18 Waterside, 10 Harvest Green, 6 Mutual Aid.

The fire department currently has 30 volunteers and is actively seeking to recruit up to 10 more.  Volunteers  should live in the PG area and be open to fire fighting training and once certified respond to emergency calls.  For information about the volunteer program go the PGVFD website:

Report From FBCSO

Nobody from the Sheriff’s office was available to report.  However, the board voted to approve renewal of the patrol deputy contract for the new fiscal year beginning October 1.  The cost of the patrol contract is shared 20% by PGMUD and 80% by these homeowner associations which receive the patrol service :  POA, HOA and Grove CIA.

Report From Time and Seasons on Operations of the Parks

There were three pavilion reservations during September.

T&S lowered flags to half-staff on September 11, 2020 at Pecan Grove Park and Memorial Park in honor of Patriots Day.

T&S lowered flags to half-staff on September 19, 2020 at Pecan Grove Park and Memorial Park to honor Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Due to COVID-19, T&S completed additional cleaning as per the approval of the board for the month of August.

T&S is coordinating mowing proposals for District maintenance. I will present more information at the October meeting.

Excerpts From Operator’s Report  (EDP)

Water Accountability 99.5%

Total Water Produced 60,133,000 gallons (57.6% was surface water)

Action Items – Repair Items Requiring Board Authorization

The board approved new repairs totaling approximately $37,000.

Other Operational Matters

There were many water distribution, sanitary sewer and storm water repairs completed during the month

Meter Replacement:  EDP continues to replace meters as they approach the one and one half million gallon mark as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 4,985 meters replaced to date, with 21 meter(s) replaced this month.

Sidewalk Improvements From Previous Month:  None

District Administration Building

At its August meeting the board reviewed proposed construction plans and decided to reduce the size of the proposed building and its parking area with the goal of making the total estimated cost be no more than $1,000,000.  The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) has approved financing the building with $1,000,000 which is remaining from bonds originally issued in 2010 to pay for construction of the surface water treatment plant. The board was advised that the revised construction plans are 90% complete.

Visitors to the Pecan Grove MUD Website Last Month:  2,420

Report from the District Engineer (Odyssey Engineering Group)


Bullhead Slough Rehabilitation

The District is dredging silt out of Bullhead Slough and rehabilitating the side slopes which have eroded over time.  Project includes installing ShoreSox product at the water’s edge to stabilize and prevent future erosion.

Project includes eastern and middle sections of Bullhead.  Rehabilitation of the western section (nearest Mason Road) of Bullhead will be performed in the future with construction likely to begin in first quarter of 2021.

Contractor is complete with Phase 1 rehabilitation with only project clean up remaining.

Residents are reminded that, until contractor is completely demobilized, this will be an active construction site.  DO NOT enter construction site at any time.  Unauthorized access to the construction area places the unauthorized visitor and construction crews at risk.

Improvements to Raw Water Tanks at Surface Water Treatment Plant

The District is installing a floating mixer in each of the raw water storage tanks at the Surface Water Treatment Plant located off Skinner Road.  The mixers create constant movement in the raw water to limit sediment from settling to the bottom of the tank. In addition, stairs and walkways are being installed as part of this project to improve operator access to the tanks.

Project is under construction. Sediment in the west tank has been removed contractor will remobilize to complete construction on the project.

Electrical Improvements and Generator at Water Plant No. 2

The District is updating the electrical system including installation of a new generator at water plant no. 2 (located near the elevated storage tank).

Construction is nearing completion and the water plant is expected to be placed back in service in October.

North Pump Station Improvements

The District is improving the access to the north pump station by adjusting the headwall and grading modifications.  Project also includes automation of the pumps based on level of water in Bullhead Slough. The intent of this improvement is that if heavy rains cause water in Bullhead Slough to rise to a predetermined level and Oyster Creek is too high to allow gravity flow, the pumps will come on automatically and remove flood water into Oyster Creek (no manual intervention required).

Construction activity is nearing completion and expected to be fully complete in early October.

Improvements at Water Plant No. 3

The District is modifying the pumps and piping system at water plant no. 3 (located at the end of Willow Bend Dr.).

Notice to Proceed has been issued.  Contractor will mobilize in October to begin construction operations.

Completed Projects

Since the residents approved the bond authorization in 2018, the District has completed (or is nearing completion) of the following projects.

Upcoming Capital Improvement Projects

The following projects are included in the new fiscal year budgets and were authorized by the District to commence:

  • Automatic Transfer Switch for Water Plant 1 & Water Well 5
    Project includes installation of necessary components to allow the connection of a portable generator to provide electricity to the facilities, if the electrical grid is not providing the required electricity.
  • Epoxy Repairs on Structural Levee
    Project includes regrouting and applying of epoxy to maintain the structural levee walls in the District.
  • Bullhead Slough – Phase Two
    Project will dredge and rehabilitate the side slopes of the portion of Bullhead Slough between Oyster Creek and Farmer Road.
  • Main Channel Clean Out – Phase Two and Three
    Project includes dredging of the main drainage channel between Pitts Road and Plantation Road and the South Pump Station, located at F.M. 359
  • Purchase of Water-Gate Barriers
    District will purchase additional temporary flood fighting features to aid in deployment in key areas around the levee, specifically along FM 359.

The District has identified the following locations for deployment of the Water-gate barriers in the event of rising Brazos River flood waters:

  • Across F.M. 359 approximately 500-feet north of the intersection with Plantation Drive
  • Across F.M. 359 approximately 2,000-feet south of the intersection with Plantation Drive (just south of the Campanile at Jones Creek Senior Living Center
  • Across access road to District’s wastewater treatment facility
  • Across Southern Place Drive

Water-gate barriers will only be deployed in accordance with the District’s approved Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

The Water-gate barriers have many benefits and make deployment easier.  You can visit this website ( to witness how the water-gate barriers work in rising flood waters.

Levee Survey

District will engage a surveyor to perform a full topographic survey of the levee, including redundant levee, structural levee and related storm sewer.