News and October 27 Board Meeting Highlights

Report from Fire Chief Joe Woolley, PGVFD

Nothing big or out of the ordinary, Normal medical calls, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fire/Medical Alarms.

  • 90 calls for emergency service
  • 59 calls were located in Pecan Grove
  • 19 calls were located in Waterside
  • 9 calls were located in Harvest Green
  • 2 calls were located outside of our district
  • 1 call was to mutual aid another agency

We have resumed in person training and meetings within CDC guidelines.

We would like to thank the community for their efforts in stopping the spread of the virus. Staying home, wearing face coverings and avoiding gatherings of 10 or more really helps us serve you.

Remember, if you experience a medical issue and feel like you need to be checked out, DO NOT wait to call because you’re afraid of the reports of the hospital situations. We will respond along with Fort Bend County EMS and evaluate your situation. If you do not need to go to the hospital, we will let you know. However, if it is serious and you do need to go, you will be transported. The important message here is don’t wait until it is too late.

In an effort to bring in some of our fundraiser dollars, we have put together a BBQ Rib sale. See below screen shot from PGVFD’s website.

We are selling a rack of ribs cooked and vacuum sealed by Harlem Road BBQ for $30.00 each. The packages vary in weight between 2.7 and 3.5 pounds. They will be ready for pick up at fire station 1 on Pitts Road Wednesday, November 25th from 4PM to 9PM. To order please go to and click on “Pre-Order TODAY”. Deadline to order is November 17. For questions email

I have a attached an e-mail I received from one of our residents. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to brag a little. I feel Mr. Gaine’s e-mail gives a very accurate evaluation of your fire department.

Editor’s Note: The somewhat lengthy email praised PGVFD for their skill and professionalism in responding to an electrocution on September 18 when a person working on the gutters of a private home in Pecan Terrace was electrocuted and went into cardiac arrest. A passing motorist saw the panic situation and called 911. PGVFD arrived first followed shortly by Fort Bend EMS. Working as a team under great pressure these responders were successful in reviving the injured worker.

Report from Lt. Wayne Hastedt, FBC Sheriff’s Office

In the most recent reporting period there were 75 house watches, 0 burglaries, 25 traffic stops, 1 assault arrest, 2 warrant arrests and 1 car had its rear window broken out. The Sheriff’s Office will work closely with PG homeowner association leaders to keep traffic moving during the annual Christmas Lights Viewing season. Lt. Hastedt urges all homeowners to help keep traffic moving by using their driveways to keep parked cars off the streets as much as possible.

Operation of Parks

Flags were lowered to half-staff October 2 to honor National Fallen Firefighters Memorial and October 20 to honor Houston Police Sgt. Harold Preston.

The board approved purchasing new playground equipment for Windmill Park for an expected cost of approximately $68,000.

There were 4 pavilion reservations during October and it is reserved by the Cancer Walk for November 7

The board reviewed bids from five contractors for mowing of the parks and levee and for the performance of other functions related to maintaining the District. It was decided to accept the proposal of CDC Unlimited, LLC, the firm that has served the District for the past 20 plus years.

Excerpts from the Operator’s Report (EDP)

  • Total water produced last month 77,028,000 gallons (60.34% was surface water)
  • Adjusted water accountability 95.7%
  • Sidewalk replacements around manholes 7
  • Water meters which have reached 1.5 million gallons replaced last month 7

The board approved engagement of PALL Water to do an overall membrane system check at the surface water treatment plant at an estimated cost of $10,000. This check will consist of an onsite two-day review to help pinpoint problem areas and provide
recommendations to optimally operate the plant.

Each meter is read in 1,000-gallon increments and is recorded using only the first four numbers (shown in white). For the purposes of monthly reads and billing the numbers in black should be ignored.

If the small red dial on your meter is moving, there is some amount of water flowing through the meter and it may signify a leak on your private water line. To check for a leak, ensure that all water inside and outside of your house has been turned off and monitor the small red dial. Allow for the possibility that a refrigerator icemaker may come on or someone in the house may flush a toilet. But if the red dial continues to turn there may be a leak. Common sources of leaks are running toilets, dripping faucets, sprinkler systems and cracked or broken house lines.

District Administration Building

The board was advised by Method Architecture that construction drawings are almost complete for the proposed building which now measures approximately 4,104 sq. ft. Its exterior is planned to be a combination of natural stone and brick with parking in front and on the north and south sides. The building will be situated near the fire station in the front corner of the District’s park on Pitts Road. It is expected that construction bids will be opened November 17 and it is hoped that the board will be able to approve a contractor at its next regular meeting November 24, Once final decisions have been made on floor plan and exterior this data will be included in a future newsletter and posted on the District’s web site.

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