News and February 23 Board Meeting Highlights

Extracts from Report by the District’s Operator (EDP)

Winter Storm Uri Effects

On Friday, February 12th, our operator, EDP, initiated our Emergency Response Plan in preparation for Winter Storm. On Tuesday, Feb 16th around 8:00 p.m. the District lost power in many sections of Pecan Grove. During this period water plant #2 (WP#2) and the waste water treatment plant changed over to generator power and continued to function as they should. The surface water treatment plant also switched to generator power, but that only powers the main building, so no water was able to be produced. The big concern was the loss of WP #1 which put the entire district’s water needs on WP #2. With water only being supplied by one water plant, pressure in the system did decrease quickly, but the plant programming kicked in and all booster pumps turned on to maintain system pressure. However, keeping all booster pumps running was unsustainable as it would have drained the ground storage tank faster than the well could refill it. At that point we decreased the pressure settings to just above the minimum required (35psi) and began looking for a way to get another plant online. In normal conditions, our pressure settings for the system are 55-60psi.

We determined the only viable alternative was WP #3, which has a generator, but was off line for maintenance. Our engineers, Odyssey Engineering Group was alerted and they contacted W. W. Payton, the contractors performing the maintenance, to see how close WP #3 was to being operational. Their team responded promptly and met us on site. We were able to run through the last few items to get the plant up and running around 1:00 AM on Wednesday, Feb 17th. Getting a second water plant on line resulted in minimal time of lower than normal, but safe, pressures throughout the system. Maintaining this pressure spared Pecan Grove MUD customers the Boil Water Notices experienced by many surrounding communities.

Due to Winter Storm Uri, Pecan Grove MUD was not able to read the water meters on February 15th. Therefore, we have billed each customer the same usage as their January bill. When we read meters in March, we will be able to correct any discrepancies. Please note, the February 15th date was prior to any leaks experienced due to the winter storm. If you had a pipe break at your house, please email to advise when the leak occurred and when it was repaired.

  • Significant Repairs From Previous Month: 19
  • In-Progress Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Repairs: 2
  • Lift Station #3 Lift Pump #2 Replacement: Authorization was requested to replace lift station #3 lift pump #2 for an estimated cost of $9,200.00. The current pump is out of production and replacement parts cannot be found.
  • Sidewalk Improvements From Previous Month: 1900 Block of Misty Falls Ln. Sidewalk Replacement Around Manhole
  • Emergency Water Interconnect Usage: Harvest Green purchased water from the District Feb. 15 and 16.
  • Meter Replacement: We continue to replace meters as they approach the one and one half million gallon mark as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 5,009 meters replaced to date, with 5 meter(s) replaced this month.
  • Water Production Period Ending January 15: 39,397,000 gallons
    • Ground water: 113,000 gallons
    • Surface water: 39,284,000 gallons (99.7%)
    • Adjusted Accountability 99.4%
  • Visitors to Customer Service Office: 401
  • Visitors to District’s Website Period Ending February 18: 2,725 (new record)
  • Customers Receiving News and Alerts: 3,601

Trash and Recycle Information (WCA)

Recycle and trash containers are not required to be placed in the street. They may be placed on the sidewalk or as close to the curb as practical.

To report a recycle or trash problem please go to the District’s home page at Leave the container near the street until it is picked up.

Recycle and trash hauling trucks look the same – BUT GO TO APPROPRIATE DESTINATIONS.

Crews are not allowed to accept trash in a recycle container.

Crews work from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (or later on heavy load days).

Operation of the Parks (Time and Season)

Winter Freeze – T&S was able to open the park during the freezing temperatures. On Wednesday, we received a call regarding a water leak in the park. Upon arrival, we found water coming from the bathroom building. Currently the water is off and we are scheduling a plumber to investigate all leaks.

T&S replaced all flags at Pecan Grove Park and Memorial Park.

T&S lowered the flags to half-staff from February 8th thru 10th at Pecan Grove Park and Memorial Park in honor of Congressman Ron Wright.

Due to COVID-19, T&S completed additional cleaning as per the approval of the board for the month of January.

T&S was authorized at the October meeting to fertilize and herbicide the new trees at Pecan Grove Park. This has been completed. We have also pruned the trees. Stakes and mulch will be completed in March.

T&S was authorized at the November meeting to move forward with tree trimming along area B (Pitts Road to Levee turns south); area C (Plantation Road South and around to end of area B – chain link fence); area A (FM 359 to Pitts Road) and area D (Timothy Ln to the north). This work has been completed.

Pecan Grove VFD Report for January

Sheriff’s Office Report for January 2021

There were a total of 5 BMV’s with 4 of them being in the Apartment complex. Most were unknown entry.

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