News and December 29 Board Meeting Highlights

Trash and Recycle Information (Trevor Royal of WCA)

Christmas tree recycle pickup dates:

Thursday, January 7th and 14th

Trees must be 5 ft or less in length (base must be removed) and free of flocking, lights, ornaments, etc.

Trash and recycle containers are not required to be placed in the street.  They may be placed on the sidewalk or as close to the curb as practical.

Problem reports or questions may be sent directly to WCA from the District’s home page at

Crews work from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (or later on heavy load days).

Recycle and trash hauling trucks look the same – BUT GO TO APPROPRIATE DESTINATIONS.

Crews are not allowed to accept trash in a recycle container.

Operations of the Parks (Marcus Campbell of Time and Season)

Due to COVID-19, T&S completed additional cleaning as per the approval of the board for the month of November.

T&S was authorized at the September meeting to move forward with new playground equipment for Windmill Park. The equipment has been received has been installed  The pictures below show the park on January 1.  All equipment is new and the remaining work is installation of Kiddie Cushion under the play equipment which should be completed by January 5, 2021.

T&S was authorized at the November meeting to repair and paint the pavilion at Windmill Park. This has been completed.

T&S was authorized at the October meeting to fertilize and herbicide the new trees at Pecan Grove Park. This has been completed. We were also authorized to prune, remove stakes, and mulch the new trees, this is pending completion.

T&S was authorized at the November meeting to move forward with tree trimming along area B (Pitts Road to Levee turns south for $9,750.00) and area C (Plantation Road South and around to end of area B – chain link fence $9,500.00). This work is in process. We were also authorized to herbicide and clean the toe of levee to fence line. This has been completed.

T&S is requesting authorization to move forward with tree trimming along area A (FM 359 to Pitts Road for $11,500.00) and area D (Timothy ln to the north for $2,500.00). We are also requesting authorization to hand clean the levee debris for $7,000.00. These items are included in the annual budget.

Pecan Grove VFD Report (Chief Joe Woolley)

There were 99 calls for service:

66 in Pecan Grove

15 in Waterside Estates

16 in Harvest Green

8  mutual support or  out of our service area

On Christmas day there was a kitchen fire at a residence on Pitts Road.  It was contained with minimal damage.

Our PGVFD staff is at full strength.

Sheriff’s Office Report

  • Dispatched Calls: 253
  • Traffic Stops: 49
  • Field Contacts: 3
  • Property Checks: 206
  • Arrest: 4
  • Case Reports: 28
  • Alarm Calls: 18
  • 911 Calls: 1
  • House Watch: 29
  • Burglary Vehicles: 5
  • Burglary Habitation: 0
  • Burglary Building: 0
  • Arrest Information: POM & Family Violence

4 of the BMVs occurred at the Apartment Complex. Two smashed windows, one unlocked and one unknown how entry was made.

Extracts from Report by District’s Operator (EDP)

Adjusted Water Accountability 98.2%

Water Source Last Period:  Wells: 10,630,000 gallons, Surface: 47,133,000 gallons (81.6%)

We collected 15 bacteriological samples in the month of November 2020. Daily distribution system disinfection testing confirmed the drinking water system met the state and federal compliance standard for disinfection.

We were authorized at the April meeting to update the wastewater treatment plant lights with dark sky compliant shielding. The shielding has been installed and is providing the desired effect.

Sidewalk Improvements From Previous Month

  • 1900 Block of Hanover Springs Sidewalk Replacement Around Manhole
  • 2400 Block of Colonel Court Sidewalk Replacement Around Manhole

We replaced the missing “No Motorized Vehicles” sign where Farmer Road crosses Bullhead Slough as reported at the November meeting.

Significant Repairs From Previous Month: 15

In-Progress Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Water Repairs: 8

Grease trap inspections were completed on November 11th with no businesses failing.

We continue to replace meters as they approach the one and one half million gallon mark as well as hard to read and stuck meters. There is a total of 5,002 meters replaced to date, with 9 meter(s) replaced this month.

Walk-in customers to the District’s Office: 311

We continue to send updates to the website as needed. As of November 30, 2020, there are 3,507 email subscribers (+14).

Visits last month to PGMUD website: 1545

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