Highlights of Pecan Grove MUD Meeting – September 28, 2021

The regular monthly meeting of the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District was held at the Pecan Grove Baptist Church on the evening of September, 2021.

PGVFD Report – August 2021

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Monthly Contract Report – Pecan Grove – September 2021

Parks Report – Time and Season

The flags at the parks were lowered to half-staff on September 8 and 11, 2021 in honor of Robert Ynclan and Patriot’s Day.

The pavers at Memorial Park were power washed and new dog waste dispensers were installed at Pecan Grove Park.

Time and Season will be having a new fence erected around the new admin/community building. The existing fence at PG Park will be painted and there will be repairs and improvements to the pavilion and restrooms. The parking spaces will be restriped and trees will be trimmed in the parks and along the levee/jogging trail.

EDP Operators Report

All water quality tests were found to be in compliance for the month. The operator was authorized to replace the sludge pump VFD at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, replace the GAC pumps at the Surface Water Treatment Plant (SWTP), and replace the water meter for the belt press at the SWTP and to upgrade the SCADA computer and software for the Pall Membrane system at the SWTP.

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