Highlights of Pecan Grove MUD Meeting – July 27, 2021

The regular monthly meeting of the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District was held at the Pecan Grove Baptist Church on the evening of July 27, 2021.

PGVFD Report – June 2021

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office

Monthly Contract Report – Pecan Grove – June 2021

There were two Burglary of Motor vehicles, both were unlocked vehicles. There were three burglaries of habitations. One was a known suspect who took property from a residence. One was property taken out of a garage that had been left open and the last one was a forced entry burglary where a window was broken in order to gain entry.

Parks Report (Time and Season, Inc.)

T&S removed the dead bottlenose brushes in Pecan Grove Park in July. No additional action at this time.

On July 14th, following the levee inspection, CDC contacted T&S regarding issues of Army worms. The park liaison approved treated for the worms along the levee for an estimated of $3,200.00. No additional action at this time.

Bullhead Slough

The aerators in Bullhead Slough continue to have maintenance and failure problems. CDC (the districts primary landscape contractor) is requesting that the district consider replacing the current aerators with the same type of aerator (Aqua Master Diffuser) as we use in Pecan Lakes.

Operations Report (EDP)

Repairs and Operations

In June repairs were completed at the water plant #2 emergency generator radiator and the generator is working. As a result of the annual fire hydrant flushing 5 hydrants (out of 411 tested) were repaired and are back in service.

Action Items Requested

Repairs are needed for the wastewater treatment plant sludge box winch and for the wastewater treatment plant thickener sludge pump. In addition, bollards are going to be installed at the North Eastern corner of the levee to impeded unauthorized vehicular traffic. Driving motorized vehicles on the levee can result in a $5,000 fine to violators.

In the near future, the district will be adding the capability for emergency text notification to all residents who have signed up through the website. This would allow the district to alert homeowners of any actions that negatively affect the water supply system and require them to take action.

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