Highlights of Pecan Grove MUD Meeting – August 31, 2021

The regular monthly meeting of the Pecan Grove Municipal Utility District was held via teleconference on the evening of August 31, 2021.

PGVFD Report – August 2021

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office – Monthly Contract Report – August 2021

Parks Report (Time and Season, Inc.)

Flags at the parks were lowered to half-staff to honor and remember the service personnel killed at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.
The monument signs in the parks were power washed in August.

Operations Report (EDP) for July 2021

All water quality tests were found to be in compliance for the month of July. Repairs were carried out on the SWTP membrane system, WWTP sludge box winch and the WWTP thickener sludge pump. Bollards have been ordered for installation at the northeast corner of the levee. A tree growing in the levee between Pecan Grove and Harvest Green will be removed in September. Water wells 3, 4 and 5 were performance tested in July with all passing.

This month’s water bill message is:

Please conserve water. Check your sprinkler system. Water in the street indicates adjustments are needed in duration and/or sprinkler pattern. Water smart and save money in the process. Free toilet leak detection tablets are available at the customer service office.

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