Church is a Temporary Shelter

The Pecan Grove Baptist Church temporary shelter is just that: temporary. It is not set up for a week long shelter. It is a stop gap location for those of you who have water in your home NOW to locate to a place temporarily while you can determine a place to evacuate to. Please be understanding. You can get a list of official FBC shelters on the FBC OEM website.

Requesting Sleeping Bags and Pillows

If anyone has sleeping bags and pillows for the EDP operator workers who are here working to keep our drainage working to the best of their abilities, please drop them by the Pecan Grove MUD office. We appreciate your help. The MUD office is behind Snap Fitness near the McDonald’s and Exxon at FM 359 at Plantation.

Mandatory Evacuation Notice

August 28, 2017 at 11:49 am

FBC Judge Bob Hebert is ordering mandatory evacuation for Pecan Grove MUD. The the detention pond north of Plantation Drive on the east end of the MUD has flood water from Oyster Creek entering the Pecan Grove drainage system. Even though mandatory evacuation has been ordered by Fort Bend County, the MUD is continuing its efforts to plug the inlets at the detention pond to curtail the flood flow from Oyster Creek. The MUD also is going to install WIPPs (emergency water inflated property protection devices) at locations along the Pecan Grove levee and on FM 359 between now and tomorrow evening when the Brazos River is expected to crest at 59′, a record 800+ year flood level. HOWEVER, we want our residents to be safe.

Once the WIPPs are deployed FM 359 will not be passable. We will close off FM 359 as late as possible, based on Brazos River flood elevations.

Please use your best efforts to safely evacuate your family. The MUD will stay here and use all efforts we can to shore up our levee and drainage system as we deal with this unprecedented flood.

High Water Trucks and Boats Needed

We have a call for high water trucks needed in Pecan Grove MUD to transport people to a temporary shelter that has been set up at the Pecan Grove baptist church on FM 359. If you have a truck that can drive in 2-3 feet of water 832-467-1599.  We are also in need of boats that can transfer people to the shelter as well.  Please call 832-467-1599 if you are able to help.  We thank you for you help.

Emergency Shelter at Pecan Grove Baptist Church

Pecan Grove Baptist church has opened as an emergency shelter (the gym in the back) for Pecan Grove residents. Water from Oyster Creek is coming into Pecan Grove from pipes in the new detention pond. People who need to evacuate but cannot get out can go to the church on FM359.

Oyster Creek

Oyster Creek has filled up the new detention pond on the north side of the district and water is backfilling into Pecan Grove. We are seeing over 4 feet of water near Plantation Drive between Bittersweet and Quarter Path. There is no way to stop this flow of water. We are very concerned about severe flooding in this area of the district. Plantation Drive is not drivable in this section. Please avoid this area. We are very concerned that people in this area of the district need to evacuate ASAP. It is impossible to contain this water.

Voluntary Evacuations Ordered

Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert has just issued an order for voluntary evacuations for several Fort Bend County subdivisions, including Pecan Grove MUD. This order is based on a potential gauge reading at 59.0’ at the City of Richmond Brazos River bridge. We calculate at this unprecedented level, Pecan Grove MUD has potential levee breach issues at 5 locations.

We want to provide this update not to frighten residents, but to do our best to inform you as to these unprecedented emergency situations. Please consider your personal circumstances and family situation as you decide whether to voluntarily evacuate your home. We strongly encourage anyone with medical conditions needing potential attention to leave while the roads are able to be passable. If the Brazos River levels reach the levels projected, you will not be able to exit onto FM 359 and we cannot predict availability of other roads.

Below is a summary of the locations and what we are doing to mitigate those areas. Our crews are working non stop to help mitigate the situation.

– FM 359 North Crossing (By the Tennis Courts). If left unmitigated, at a Brazos River level of 59′, projections are that water would enter the Pecan Lakes Subdivision (325 homes) and the commercial along FM 359. Pecan Grove MUD plans to deploy around 200’ of WIPPs (a special device to act as a temporary dam) per the MUD’s emergency action plan (EAP).

– FM 359 South Crossing (By 9’ers Grill). It left unmitigated, at a Brazos River level of 59′,
water would enter the Pecan Lakes Subdivision (325 homes) and the commercial along FM 359. Pecan Grove MUD plans to deploy around 200’ of WIPPs (a special device to act as a temporary dam) per the MUD’s EAP.

– Access Road to the MUD Sewage Treatment Plant (on FM 359 south of the commercial properties before Plantation Place). If left unmitigated, water would enter the Plant Site and the Pecan Grove Subdivision. Pecan Grove Plans to deploy around 40’ of WIPPs per our EAP.

– Mason Road from the Golf Cart Barn to Oyster Creek. At a Brazos River level of 59.0’, if left unmitigated, water would enter the northern portions of Pecan Grove. We need around 40′ of WIPPs to be deployed to help protect this area.

– Southern Place Drive (Plantation Place Subdivision). Residents may lose access out onto FM 359 at a Brazos River level of 56 to 56.5′. We plan to try to separately inform these residents. If left unmitigated, water would enter the Pecan Grove subdivision. We plan to mitigate this area by deploying about 100′ of WIPPs per our EAP.

It is possible we will need manpower to assist with sandbags. Please do not call the MUD office. Please watch this site. We will put out calls for volunteers should the need for additional personnel arise.

Please take care of yourself and your family. These are scary times.

District Update – August 27th at 2:20 pm

Pecan Grove Residents,

Fort Bend County Judge Robert Hebert has upgraded the voluntary evacuation order for certain residents in low-lying areas surrounding the Brazos River to a mandatory evacuation order. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO OUR RESIDENTS WHO ARE INSIDE OUR LEVEES.

The Brazos River is rising.  The latest from the National Weather Service (NWS) currently forecasts record flood events on the Brazos River. The NWS forecast for the Brazos River at Richmond projects a river levels of 56.1 feet, a projection nearly two feet above above the 2016 record. At this level, our levees should continue to provide protection, but FM 359 will again be impassable in areas.

Our operator EDP is out in our neighborhoods taking care of business and is in emergency operations.

For an up-to-date lists of road closures and traffic issues, please visit the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management’s Road Closures page. Do not assume that your route will be clear and do not return home until officials say it is safe.

Sunday, August 27th Update

Emergency operations are asking people to stay indoors unless you need to get out for emergency purposes. Our operator is out throughout the neighborhood working very hard to keep our systems operating. Our crews are addressing emergency situations such as line breaks and drainage systems. Our water system continues to operate safely. Our storm water pump stations are operational. Rest assured that our water is safe.

PGMUD Park Closing Tonight

The park will be closing this evening at 5 pm, August 22nd for continued gate repairs and maintenance.  The park will reopen tomorrow morning at 8 am.  You may access the park by foot but no cars will be able to gain access. We are sorry for any inconvenience. For any questions, please call Park Management at 832-818-5600.

PGMUD Board of Directors

Drainage Improvements Project Construction Update

Residents of Pecan Grove MUD,

Because of weather and other delays outside the District’s control, construction activities for the drainage improvements project continue along Plantation Drive. This construction will continue along the road for the next couple of weeks while school is starting. To ensure children can adequately walk to school, the Directors have instructed the Contractor to put a stabilized walking area along the roadway where sidewalks have been removed.

The Directors also have asked the Contractor to cease construction activity during the hours of the drop-off and pick up times of the day. The Contractor and representatives of the District will be on site watching the activity to ensure the safety of the children is maintained.

If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact an engineer for the District (Grady Turner) at (713)777-5337.

Mosquito Spraying at Pitts Road Park

Beginning last weekend the MUD began spraying for mosquitoes at Pitts Road Park. We want to make everyone aware of the application and also cognizant of the contents of the spray.

The product being used is poison-free, safe around children and pets, and should last up to four weeks. As stated on the manufacturer’s website, “Product, except for preservatives, is all garlic juice. It is designed to be diluted in water and sprayed on plants, grass, shrubs, flowers, ornamentals, trees, vines and in any standing water in the area including water under porches and decks.”

As to the initial smell, it continues, “Product normally becomes odorless in less than an hour.”

The company, Garlic Research Labs, also notes that the product does not harm vegetation, nor does it change the taste of any food plants. As an added benefit, it should also repel armadillos, deer, field mice, yard fleas, ticks, and geese. It does not harm bees, butterflies, birds, cats, dogs, or other small animals.

If you have any questions, please notify the Pecan Grove MUD at (281) 238-5000.

Thank you.

Pecan Grove Municipal Water District

Water is Safe to Drink

The Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department recently posted a boiled water notice. Please note, THIS DOES NOT apply to Pecan Grove MUD. Our water is safe to drink, as usual.

Brazo River Update – June 5th 10:15 am

The Brazos river is at 52.13 and projected to continue to fall throughout the day, we think we’re finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Throughout the day yesterday we had showers on and off which caused us to have to pump for a good majority of the day.

Levee is all still looking very good and we see no signs of any issues or problems throughout the district. We will continue our inspection to ensure the levee isn’t showing any signs of weakness in any areas. Once the the River level is around 48 feet on the Richmond gauge, we will back off frequency of inspection but continue emergency operations until water is off all gates and we have regained gravity flow.  According to the national weather service it could take the month of June to get through this event.

We commend our operator EDP and our engineers Jones & Carter for their extraordinary efforts to keep us safe and dry. Thank you to both of you and your employees.

Fort Bend County Forecasting Severe Weather

Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management
Posted June 3, 2016 8:02:59 AM CDT

Fort Bend County, TX – A flash flood warning is in effect for Ft. Bend County until this evening at 7 PM. Significant rainfall could increase inflows to already flood swollen rivers. Swift water, biological and physical hazards remain in inundated areas and many roadways still remain closed. 20% of the land in Ft. Bend County has experienced flood effects.

Water levels are expected to slowly recede and will remain high into next week. 350 local and state emergency responders remain in the county assisting the local jurisdiction and 730 rescues have occurred to date. No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

Levees are functioning as designed throughout the levee improvement districts.

Damage assessments and long term recovery efforts are being coordinated as water levels recede.

For the more information, please visit website or call 281-342-6185.

Brazos River Update – June 2 at 8:10 am

The Brazos River is at gauge level 54.78 as of 4:15 this morning and has been holding around that level since yesterday evening. This level is 4.5 feet above previous recorded record. It’s projected to be at that level for another 12-24 hours, depending on the rain.

The Pecan Grove system is able to store and pump up to 12 inches of rain. Water internal to the levee is pumped to outside the levee. We have been working to control water along FM 359, which is pumped down and passable. FM 359 could see additional pounding and higher water levels with rainfall. Any water that rises in FM 359 will work its way to the Pecan Lakes pump system and be pumped out. The opening or closing of FM 359 and Highway 90A is under the control of TXDOT and Fort Bend County.

Please refer to the Fort Bend OEM website by clicking here for latest updates on closures or safety notices. The Pecan Grove team is working closely with OEM and looking at the bigger picture. Please avoid sightseeing and other potential hazardous activities, we need emergency personnel to have access to the area and its critical that they be given that courtesy.

Brazos River Update – June 1st 11:30 a.m.

The Brazos River Gage at Richmond continues to rise slightly, but appears to be close to leveling off. Water is against small portions of the levee, but the levee is performing and can perform as designed with several feet of additional flood water.
Pecan Grove continues to see water along FM 359 both inside and outside the levee. Emergency personnel are working to manage the water on FM 359. Please note that water on FM 359 will rise to a level where it eventually drains through storm sewer systems. Once in the storm sewer system it will be pumped outside the levee through our pump stations.

Harlem Road, FM 359 and numerous areas to the south are closed to access, but the north and east entries to Pecan Grove are still open. We strongly urge people to limit their movements in or out of Pecan Grove to allow emergency and flood fighting access. Also, please avoid all areas with ponding water.

Brazos River Update – May 31st 10:50 a.m.

Our Engineers (Jones & Carter) and our Operator (EDP) continue to do a wonderful job for us. They are monitoring the elevations of the Brazos River, Jones Creek, and all areas around the District. The Brazos River is projected to peak throughout the early part of the afternoon today, and Fort Bend County and the National Weather Service are still holding to the projection of a Richmond gauge elevation of 53.5-feet. The current level is 53.39-feet. EDP has crews walking the levee around Pecan Lakes and our Southern boundaries. Mason Road at 359 has been closed by TxDOT, and water is visible across the roadway. At this time there is no report of water on the bottom of our levee in any areas, but we will wait for a report from the current crews monitoring the levees.

Along with the Brazos River water level, we are also monitoring the rain forecast. The forecast for today is dry, but a 40% chance of rain is expected for tomorrow, and a 60% chance for Thursday. We will continually monitor this forecast, and EDP will be operating the storm water pump stations as necessary should the District receive any significant rainfall.

Just for an FYI, Fort Bend County OEM accidentally listed Pecan Lakes subdivision as an area not protected by levee in a public service announcement/reverse 911 call. This is incorrect, and the proper authorities have been contacted and notified. They are aware of the incorrect information and this problem is resolved. Residents in Pecan Lakes are now protected by our new levee system.

There is also an area in the back of the Randall’s parking lot that is starting to hold water. The source is from a storm drain near FM 359 tied into the main outfall channel. EDP is on scene and will be putting up barricades to prevent residents from entering or interfering with this area. The water is coming up from the lot, and travelling towards and into the North drainage channel.

A team from Fort Bend OEM and the Texas A&M Robotics team is currently in Pecan Grove and are utilizing aerial drones to survey and document the flooding of the area around the District. The drone will allow us to get a better view and understanding of the overall extents of the flooding around the District.

Fort Bend County OEM is the source of the latest information on the Brazos River flooding, please refer to the OEM website for more information by clicking here. Also, please refrain from sightseeing during this event there are significant safety hazards with walking around areas with high water. Please allow the Emergency Operations teams to keep the community safe, by staying away from high water areas.

Our Operators and Engineers are very busy around here, working to protect our community and keep us dry. They are doing a great job.

Message from Pecan Grove MUD Board

I know you are likely getting questions from friends and neighbors about this flood event. I’ve heard that some might ask questions like “should I be getting sandbags for my home”, or “what roads will be impassable”. The PGMUD levee is design to prevent flooding for a 100 year flood event (and then some by my observations – good job Mr. Engineers) so there should not be any flooding with PGMUD from this event. The National Weather Service is keeping the high water prediction of 53.5’. It would appear the that the water level readings at the Richmond gauge show a trend that may fall short of this prediction. But if the water does get to 53.5’ we do expect to have water up to the bottom of the levee in several areas. The area that we think would be first is near the intersection of Mason Road and FM 359, in the open field west of 359. This area is outside the Pecan Grove MUD levee. If the crest stayed at this level long enough we could see water over 359, but it should not crest over the portion that Pecan Grove MUD paid money to Texas department of transportation (who maintains FM 359) raised for our levee. We do not anticipate the need to deploy the WIPPS (Water Inflated Property Protection System). In the event that FM 359 is inundated with water on the south end, our planned route of access is via Mason Rd, entering the levee at the north end at Farmer Road.

I have contacted Sargent Gobar and Chief Wooley to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Please click here to subscribe to the Fort Bend County OEM website emails for more frequent updates. Also official updates are posted on our website. Please rely on the Pecan Grove MUD official website for reliable information.

Here is some more detailed information from our operator EDP. There are currently no unmet needs. PGMUD Level 2 Emergency Levee Operation was initiated May 28, 2016. All levee gates are closed with the exception of the FM 359 Levee gate. This gate will remain open; only being closed based on local observations of the water level along FM 359. All pump storm water pump stations remain ready in standby. All drainage systems are at low levels within the levee. 2 man teams are rotating through the pump station and conducting levee inspections. As the water levee approaches the bottom of the levee, we plan to deploy four 2 man teams on 6 hour shifts to continuously man the levee, walking the top of the levee conducting visual inspections. The customer call center has been briefed on the situation to improve communication with the public. PGMUD is posting daily updates on the web site. PGMUD also has email burst communication ready in the event an emergency condition should arise.

The Pecan Grove MUD office will be the command center for the levee operations.

As we hope you understand our operator’s first priority is emergency operations. Posting on the website is a priority, but not as high as priority is making sure all of our residents are safe from Brazos River flooding. We do encourage our residents to subscribe to the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management update system so that you can get much more frequent information, which you can do by clicking here.

April 21st Update from the President

Below is a picture of the gauge at Jones Creek at FM 359 showing the water level at 80.2 feet at 7:49 AM and a chart of the Brazos River level at the City of Richmond gauge.

EDP checked the drainage systems through the night with no issues found. As of this morning the South pump station has been started to get a proactive start on the impending rain. The current level in the main channel is approximately 1.5 feet above the base of the intake. The Pecan Lakes pump station has not run and the detention pond is at the minimum level. The North pump station is below the bar screen and Oyster Creek is at 6 feet. Bullhead Slough is gravity flowing at this time. All systems are functioning normally with no foreseen problems. EDP is continuing communication with the Fort Bend County Emergency Operations and we will keep you updated as additional information becomes available.

Update from the President

April 19, 2016 at 12:40 PM

Overnight our operator EDP continued to check local drainage system and all of our pump stations. All was normal, with very little overnight rain. Our drainage system remains at low levels with capacity for another rain event. EDP is continuing to communicate directly with the Fort Bend Emergency Operations Center, which is being manned 24/7. It is indicating that the Brazos River peak prediction is lower by about one foot, from 49.5 to 48.5. It is likely that the confidence level of the prediction model has improved. We are expected to receive more rain later today as a trough of low pressure moves in from the west later today and into the night hours. We could see up to one inch of rain with this system.

All MUD facilities are currently on normal power supply, without the need for use of our emergency backup power generators. EDP is monitoring the flow through the Waste Water Treatment Plant. EDP reports there was some minor electrical damage at water plant #2, but the transfer switch to emergency power is functioning. The automation for the generator transfer switch for the north storm water pump station was also damaged, which will require EDP to operate the switch manually, if needed. There was some minor electrical problems with lift station No. 8, but it will function.

The hydrograph below show the current river levels and the predicted levels. The river reached the stage 2 operation level of 42’ at about 11:00 PM last night. All levee gates are closed with the exception of the FM 359 levee gate. The current level on the Richmond gauge is 43.2’, for reference the attached picture of the outfall channel shows the water level at the flap gates, with a water elevation of 73 feet, picture taken about 45 minutes after the river gauge level show below.

EDP will continue emergency levee operation through tonight and likely tomorrow night. If conditions remain unchanged, the next update will be tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your patience while we operate in emergency conditions. We also have posted recent information from WCA about trash collection, which will be collected as normal today for Tuesday pickups.

Don’t forget to sign up for email blasts through the website so you will get notice of updates. And, most important, stay safe and dry.

Chad Howard, President of Pecan Grove MUD

Letter from the President to Our Residents

Thank everyone for your patience today. I hope everyone is safe. We are doing our best to ensure everyone stays dry.

The National Weather Service has updated their prediction of the Brazos River. As of 2:49 PM, the Brazos River is expected to hit Gage Elevation 49.5’ tomorrow afternoon. Currently, Richmond’s Gage Elevation is 30.42’ which is approximately 13 feet higher than 5:45 AM this morning. Due to the watershed conditions and the rain forecasts, the NWS reports to our operator EDP and engineer Jones & Carter that is has a “low confidence” level on this forecast. Therefore, the NWS has issued a range of elevations for the crest. Their current range is Gage Elevation of 46’ to 52’. Our engineers confirm to me that the toe of the levee along the Pecan Grove levee system ranges from 80′ to 84′. At either elevation, our operator EDP will shut the South Outfall (under FM 359) and the Pecan Lakes outfall. Our engineers and operator will be in the District this evening to check some of the external and internal levels.

Afterwards we will send an update on the current levels and what the predicting means for Pecan Grove is we have more information. Although we are in frequent contact, I expect to hear from them with a significant update this evening between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. Please stay tuned to our MUD website for official District news and updates and be safe.

Chad Howard
President, PGMUD

UPDATE: District Emergency Preparedness In Action

UPDATED:  Monday April 18 at 11:18 AM

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Some local news have been reporting streets into and out of Pecan Grove are closed.  FM 359 is open coming in from 90A.  359 is open and clear coming from the west.  We had a report that Mason south of 99 had high water but we believe it is down now;  please check with Fort Bend County who maintains and operates our roads before venturing out.  Plantation at Bittersweet is now clear.  EDP has three two-man teams out just picking up trash and debris so our storm sewer inlets and system remain as clear as possible.

If customers are out, EDP crews are letting customers know there is no trash pickup today.  We hope you all will help us spread the word to come to the MUD website for official information about conditions.  Please also check with Fort Bend County for conditions as well as the National Weather Service, and stay safe.

Fort Bend County Emergency Operations Center Situation Report (PDF)