UPDATE: District Emergency Preparedness In Action

UPDATED:  Monday April 18 at 11:18 AM

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Some local news have been reporting streets into and out of Pecan Grove are closed.  FM 359 is open coming in from 90A.  359 is open and clear coming from the west.  We had a report that Mason south of 99 had high water but we believe it is down now;  please check with Fort Bend County who maintains and operates our roads before venturing out.  Plantation at Bittersweet is now clear.  EDP has three two-man teams out just picking up trash and debris so our storm sewer inlets and system remain as clear as possible.

If customers are out, EDP crews are letting customers know there is no trash pickup today.  We hope you all will help us spread the word to come to the MUD website for official information about conditions.  Please also check with Fort Bend County for conditions as well as the National Weather Service, and stay safe.

Fort Bend County Emergency Operations Center Situation Report (PDF)

UPDATE: District Emergency Preparedness In Action

UPDATED:  Monday April 18 at 11:03 AM

Pecan Grove is experiencing street ponding right now, as you all know.  The north and south drainage channels are flowing by gravity.  EDP is out chasing garbage from cans that were left out in the storms, which are now going into the storm sewers.  As you saw from the prior post, WCA is not able to pick up trash today.  If you have not already moved your trash cans back into your garage, please do so to help us out.

UPDATE: District Emergency Preparedness In Action

UPDATED:  Monday April 18 at 10:31 AM

The District asked our Engineer, Jones & Carter, to explain the graph posted on our Website about the Brazos River.  Jones & Carter tells us the graph is a projected water level of the Brazos River from a gauge in Richmond near the Highway 90A bridge.  The blue line is the actual elevation the River is experiencing, and the purple is the projected level using the current level and expected rainfall within the Brazos River watershed. You can see there are several different action levels (moderate, severe, etc.). The minor flood stage is when the water level is expected to reach 45.

Pecan Grove MUD works closely with the Fort Bend Office of Emergency Preparedness in times like these.  This River level alert is given to all of the surrounding areas to inform us that the water level in the Brazos River is elevated and they need to start preparing. All communities throughout the area have different levels of concern for the Brazos River flooding. Any time the level is expected to reach at least 45, the Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Action Plan goes into to action regardless of where the Brazos River actually is. What this means is that EDP is out at our storm water pump stations, operating them as necessary.  EDP is currently dispatched all over the District, and for now the main focus is on the north storm pump station by the MUD’s Elevated Water Storage Tank.  Oyster Creek is elevated and prohibiting gravity flow from Bullhead Bayou; this makes is necessary to operate the north end storm water pump station.

The biggest takeaway from this chart is that the Brazos River is not expected to peak until tomorrow. When the Brazos starts getting into the 48-49 range, portions of roadways in the Richmond area are blocked from the actual Brazos River flooding. This does not mean the local streets will not flood from local rainfall, which is already being experienced. Once the Brazos River increases in elevation, it will block our main storm water outfalls from draining by gravity and then all storm water pump stations will be required to operate. For reference, the last major flood the Brazos River experienced, the elevation reached around the 50 mark. This event is expected to be 7 inches below that.  The overall elevation of the water will be 4-6 feet BELOW the toe of both of our Pecan Lakes and PGMUD levees.

This is the best prediction the National Weather Service, the Fort Bend Office of Emergency Management, and the Pecan Grove MUD can predict at this time; it can change as weather conditions change. The Board is monitoring the situation and has instructed Jones & Carter and EDP to update the website accordingly. We are working with closely with EDP during this event. Please refer back to the website for additional information as we can post it.  Please keep in mind our first priority is taking care of the system for the flood protection of the District’s residents.