Water is Safe to Drink

The Fort Bend Sheriff’s Department recently posted a boiled water notice. Please note, THIS DOES NOT apply to Pecan Grove MUD. Our water is safe to drink, as usual.

Update from the President

April 19, 2016 at 12:40 PM

Overnight our operator EDP continued to check local drainage system and all of our pump stations. All was normal, with very little overnight rain. Our drainage system remains at low levels with capacity for another rain event. EDP is continuing to communicate directly with the Fort Bend Emergency Operations Center, which is being manned 24/7. It is indicating that the Brazos River peak prediction is lower by about one foot, from 49.5 to 48.5. It is likely that the confidence level of the prediction model has improved. We are expected to receive more rain later today as a trough of low pressure moves in from the west later today and into the night hours. We could see up to one inch of rain with this system.

All MUD facilities are currently on normal power supply, without the need for use of our emergency backup power generators. EDP is monitoring the flow through the Waste Water Treatment Plant. EDP reports there was some minor electrical damage at water plant #2, but the transfer switch to emergency power is functioning. The automation for the generator transfer switch for the north storm water pump station was also damaged, which will require EDP to operate the switch manually, if needed. There was some minor electrical problems with lift station No. 8, but it will function.

The hydrograph below show the current river levels and the predicted levels. The river reached the stage 2 operation level of 42’ at about 11:00 PM last night. All levee gates are closed with the exception of the FM 359 levee gate. The current level on the Richmond gauge is 43.2’, for reference the attached picture of the outfall channel shows the water level at the flap gates, with a water elevation of 73 feet, picture taken about 45 minutes after the river gauge level show below.

EDP will continue emergency levee operation through tonight and likely tomorrow night. If conditions remain unchanged, the next update will be tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your patience while we operate in emergency conditions. We also have posted recent information from WCA about trash collection, which will be collected as normal today for Tuesday pickups.

Don’t forget to sign up for email blasts through the website so you will get notice of updates. And, most important, stay safe and dry.

Chad Howard, President of Pecan Grove MUD

UPDATE: District Emergency Preparedness In Action

UPDATED:  Monday April 18 at 11:18 AM

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Some local news have been reporting streets into and out of Pecan Grove are closed.  FM 359 is open coming in from 90A.  359 is open and clear coming from the west.  We had a report that Mason south of 99 had high water but we believe it is down now;  please check with Fort Bend County who maintains and operates our roads before venturing out.  Plantation at Bittersweet is now clear.  EDP has three two-man teams out just picking up trash and debris so our storm sewer inlets and system remain as clear as possible.

If customers are out, EDP crews are letting customers know there is no trash pickup today.  We hope you all will help us spread the word to come to the MUD website for official information about conditions.  Please also check with Fort Bend County for conditions as well as the National Weather Service, and stay safe.

Fort Bend County Emergency Operations Center Situation Report (PDF)