President’s Message About Recent Rain Events

Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Levee Operation Status for May 23, 2016

Heavy rains in the area over the past several days have got the Brazos River water levels on the rise again. As a result Pecan Grove MUD and EDP have initiated Level 1 Emergency Levee Operations. In general terms this means that we have raised our level of communication and awareness about the Brazos River. EDP is conducting site inspections of the levee system and pump stations to confirm operation capability. The current prediction model from the National Weather Service indicates that the water level on the river at the Richmond gauge is above 38 feet and is expected to rise to 40.2 feet by midday tomorrow. After reaching its peak tomorrow, the river level is expected to rapid fall and be less than 35 feet by this weekend. As always, please call EDP at our in district office if you have any questions, at 281-238-5000.