Pecan Grove / Brazos River General Flood and Drainage Information

As part of the on-going efforts to monitor the Brazos River by the Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Operations Team, we offer the following update on current conditions.

As of 7:00 AM this morning, the Brazos River – Richmond Gage had exceeded the previously recorded level.  The water at this location has been rising at a rate of approximately 1 foot per hour.  Gage reading at 7:00 was 50.56.

As of 10:15 this morning it was at 51.21.  The forecasted peak had been revised down slightly with the peak projected at elevation 53.4 tomorrow near noon.  This level would be close to the 50-year flood level on the Brazos River at this location.

Please note that the levee around Pecan Grove is designed to protect the subdivision from Brazos River levels with the Richmond Gage readings at a level of approximately 55 and will not overtop with levels as high as 58.  

As water reaches this level outside the Pecan Grove Levee, water may be approaching FM 359 in several locations and areas around Pecan Grove may see backwater effects as the Brazos River rises to its peak. The Brazos River is currently overflowing into Oyster Creek to the north of Pecan Grove.

Also note that additional rainfall may enter the area later this afternoon.  While the amount of rainfall would impact the Brazos River levels, there is some capacity without significantly raising the Brazos River levels.  Areas draining to the Brazos may have difficulty and may experience significant flooding (entirely dependent on the amount of rainfall.

Please note that the Pecan Grove Stormwater Pump Stations, internal drainage systems and storage areas have capacity to handle almost 12-inches of rainfall internallywithout flooding of homes.  But as happens without the Brazos River flooding if the rate of rainfall exceeds 1 to 2 inches per hour, there is potential for street flooding.  

Also, please avoid any “sight seeing” around the area to allow emergency personnel to perform their duties in keeping the community safe.

Message from Pecan Grove MUD Board

I know you are likely getting questions from friends and neighbors about this flood event. I’ve heard that some might ask questions like “should I be getting sandbags for my home”, or “what roads will be impassable”. The PGMUD levee is design to prevent flooding for a 100 year flood event (and then some by my observations – good job Mr. Engineers) so there should not be any flooding with PGMUD from this event. The National Weather Service is keeping the high water prediction of 53.5’. It would appear the that the water level readings at the Richmond gauge show a trend that may fall short of this prediction. But if the water does get to 53.5’ we do expect to have water up to the bottom of the levee in several areas. The area that we think would be first is near the intersection of Mason Road and FM 359, in the open field west of 359. This area is outside the Pecan Grove MUD levee. If the crest stayed at this level long enough we could see water over 359, but it should not crest over the portion that Pecan Grove MUD paid money to Texas department of transportation (who maintains FM 359) raised for our levee. We do not anticipate the need to deploy the WIPPS (Water Inflated Property Protection System). In the event that FM 359 is inundated with water on the south end, our planned route of access is via Mason Rd, entering the levee at the north end at Farmer Road.

I have contacted Sargent Gobar and Chief Wooley to ensure they are aware of the situation.

Please click here to subscribe to the Fort Bend County OEM website emails for more frequent updates. Also official updates are posted on our website. Please rely on the Pecan Grove MUD official website for reliable information.

Here is some more detailed information from our operator EDP. There are currently no unmet needs. PGMUD Level 2 Emergency Levee Operation was initiated May 28, 2016. All levee gates are closed with the exception of the FM 359 Levee gate. This gate will remain open; only being closed based on local observations of the water level along FM 359. All pump storm water pump stations remain ready in standby. All drainage systems are at low levels within the levee. 2 man teams are rotating through the pump station and conducting levee inspections. As the water levee approaches the bottom of the levee, we plan to deploy four 2 man teams on 6 hour shifts to continuously man the levee, walking the top of the levee conducting visual inspections. The customer call center has been briefed on the situation to improve communication with the public. PGMUD is posting daily updates on the web site. PGMUD also has email burst communication ready in the event an emergency condition should arise.

The Pecan Grove MUD office will be the command center for the levee operations.

As we hope you understand our operator’s first priority is emergency operations. Posting on the website is a priority, but not as high as priority is making sure all of our residents are safe from Brazos River flooding. We do encourage our residents to subscribe to the Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management update system so that you can get much more frequent information, which you can do by clicking here.

Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Levee Operation Status

Heavy rains in the Brenham area over the last 24 hours will have the Brazos River water levels on the rise again. As a result Pecan Grove MUD and EDP will initiate Level 2 Emergency Levee Operations. EDP is conducting daily site inspections of the levee system and pump stations to confirm operation capability. The current prediction model from the National Weather Service indicates that the water level on the river at the Richmond gauge is above 35 feet and is expected to rise to 50.2 feet by midday Monday. If there is local rain fall, ponding water in the streets should be anticipated and is a normal part of the overall drainage and flood projection system. Please avoid driving through those areas and do not park your cars in your streets or driveways; cars should be housed in the garage to avoid rising water.

As always, please call EDP at our in district office if you have any questions, at 281-238-5000. We will continue to keep you posted.