Fort Bend County Forecasting Severe Weather

Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management
Posted June 3, 2016 8:02:59 AM CDT

Fort Bend County, TX – A flash flood warning is in effect for Ft. Bend County until this evening at 7 PM. Significant rainfall could increase inflows to already flood swollen rivers. Swift water, biological and physical hazards remain in inundated areas and many roadways still remain closed. 20% of the land in Ft. Bend County has experienced flood effects.

Water levels are expected to slowly recede and will remain high into next week. 350 local and state emergency responders remain in the county assisting the local jurisdiction and 730 rescues have occurred to date. No fatalities or serious injuries have been reported.

Levees are functioning as designed throughout the levee improvement districts.

Damage assessments and long term recovery efforts are being coordinated as water levels recede.

For the more information, please visit website or call 281-342-6185.

Brazos River Update – June 2nd 9:00 pm

The elevation of the Brazos River has remained steady, if not slightly decreasing over the past few hours. It currently flows at an elevation of 54.66 with the last update recorded at 6:15 PM.

The District’s Operator continues to work inside the District and will continue frequent monitoring of the levee system. Even if the water level of the Brazos continues to slightly decrease, the County will still remain in a heightened flood alert because the water elevations are significantly above flood stage.

Trash collection was completed successfully with exception of Plantation Place, which was not serviced due to closure of FM 359. Trash collection will be collected on the next regularly scheduled day. 

Please continue to exercise caution and continue to look for updates from the County and your District representatives.

Brazos River Update – June 2 at 8:10 am

The Brazos River is at gauge level 54.78 as of 4:15 this morning and has been holding around that level since yesterday evening. This level is 4.5 feet above previous recorded record. It’s projected to be at that level for another 12-24 hours, depending on the rain.

The Pecan Grove system is able to store and pump up to 12 inches of rain. Water internal to the levee is pumped to outside the levee. We have been working to control water along FM 359, which is pumped down and passable. FM 359 could see additional pounding and higher water levels with rainfall. Any water that rises in FM 359 will work its way to the Pecan Lakes pump system and be pumped out. The opening or closing of FM 359 and Highway 90A is under the control of TXDOT and Fort Bend County.

Please refer to the Fort Bend OEM website by clicking here for latest updates on closures or safety notices. The Pecan Grove team is working closely with OEM and looking at the bigger picture. Please avoid sightseeing and other potential hazardous activities, we need emergency personnel to have access to the area and its critical that they be given that courtesy.