Mandatory Evacuation Notice

August 28, 2017 at 11:49 am

FBC Judge Bob Hebert is ordering mandatory evacuation for Pecan Grove MUD. The the detention pond north of Plantation Drive on the east end of the MUD has flood water from Oyster Creek entering the Pecan Grove drainage system. Even though mandatory evacuation has been ordered by Fort Bend County, the MUD is continuing its efforts to plug the inlets at the detention pond to curtail the flood flow from Oyster Creek. The MUD also is going to install WIPPs (emergency water inflated property protection devices) at locations along the Pecan Grove levee and on FM 359 between now and tomorrow evening when the Brazos River is expected to crest at 59′, a record 800+ year flood level. HOWEVER, we want our residents to be safe.

Once the WIPPs are deployed FM 359 will not be passable. We will close off FM 359 as late as possible, based on Brazos River flood elevations.

Please use your best efforts to safely evacuate your family. The MUD will stay here and use all efforts we can to shore up our levee and drainage system as we deal with this unprecedented flood.

High Water Trucks and Boats Needed

We have a call for high water trucks needed in Pecan Grove MUD to transport people to a temporary shelter that has been set up at the Pecan Grove baptist church on FM 359. If you have a truck that can drive in 2-3 feet of water 832-467-1599.  We are also in need of boats that can transfer people to the shelter as well.  Please call 832-467-1599 if you are able to help.  We thank you for you help.

Emergency Shelter at Pecan Grove Baptist Church

Pecan Grove Baptist church has opened as an emergency shelter (the gym in the back) for Pecan Grove residents. Water from Oyster Creek is coming into Pecan Grove from pipes in the new detention pond. People who need to evacuate but cannot get out can go to the church on FM359.