Brazos River Update – June 2nd 9:00 pm

The elevation of the Brazos River has remained steady, if not slightly decreasing over the past few hours. It currently flows at an elevation of 54.66 with the last update recorded at 6:15 PM.

The District’s Operator continues to work inside the District and will continue frequent monitoring of the levee system. Even if the water level of the Brazos continues to slightly decrease, the County will still remain in a heightened flood alert because the water elevations are significantly above flood stage.

Trash collection was completed successfully with exception of Plantation Place, which was not serviced due to closure of FM 359. Trash collection will be collected on the next regularly scheduled day. 

Please continue to exercise caution and continue to look for updates from the County and your District representatives.

Pecan Grove / Brazos River General Flood and Drainage Information

As part of the on-going efforts to monitor the Brazos River by the Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Operations Team, we offer the following update on current conditions.

As of 7:00 AM this morning, the Brazos River – Richmond Gage had exceeded the previously recorded level.  The water at this location has been rising at a rate of approximately 1 foot per hour.  Gage reading at 7:00 was 50.56.

As of 10:15 this morning it was at 51.21.  The forecasted peak had been revised down slightly with the peak projected at elevation 53.4 tomorrow near noon.  This level would be close to the 50-year flood level on the Brazos River at this location.

Please note that the levee around Pecan Grove is designed to protect the subdivision from Brazos River levels with the Richmond Gage readings at a level of approximately 55 and will not overtop with levels as high as 58.  

As water reaches this level outside the Pecan Grove Levee, water may be approaching FM 359 in several locations and areas around Pecan Grove may see backwater effects as the Brazos River rises to its peak. The Brazos River is currently overflowing into Oyster Creek to the north of Pecan Grove.

Also note that additional rainfall may enter the area later this afternoon.  While the amount of rainfall would impact the Brazos River levels, there is some capacity without significantly raising the Brazos River levels.  Areas draining to the Brazos may have difficulty and may experience significant flooding (entirely dependent on the amount of rainfall.

Please note that the Pecan Grove Stormwater Pump Stations, internal drainage systems and storage areas have capacity to handle almost 12-inches of rainfall internallywithout flooding of homes.  But as happens without the Brazos River flooding if the rate of rainfall exceeds 1 to 2 inches per hour, there is potential for street flooding.  

Also, please avoid any “sight seeing” around the area to allow emergency personnel to perform their duties in keeping the community safe.

Pecan Grove MUD Emergency Levee Operation Status

Heavy rains in the Brenham area over the last 24 hours will have the Brazos River water levels on the rise again. As a result Pecan Grove MUD and EDP will initiate Level 2 Emergency Levee Operations. EDP is conducting daily site inspections of the levee system and pump stations to confirm operation capability. The current prediction model from the National Weather Service indicates that the water level on the river at the Richmond gauge is above 35 feet and is expected to rise to 50.2 feet by midday Monday. If there is local rain fall, ponding water in the streets should be anticipated and is a normal part of the overall drainage and flood projection system. Please avoid driving through those areas and do not park your cars in your streets or driveways; cars should be housed in the garage to avoid rising water.

As always, please call EDP at our in district office if you have any questions, at 281-238-5000. We will continue to keep you posted.