Flood Debris Removal

Fort Bend County will be making a final sweep of the District tomorrow, Tuesday, September 19, 2017 to pick up heavy debris from flood damaged homes. Please move your flood debris to the curb and send your address through the District website at http://www.pecangrovemud.com/contact so the District can provide your address to Fort Bend County for debris removal. Even if you have already submitted your address, please resubmit your address if you still have debris.

Debris Removal in the District

The District previously contracted with our trash provider WCA for heavy flood debris removal this week in the District. WCA, without any advance warning/notice to the District, informed the District this afternoon that all trucks to be used for heavy debris removal have been pulled out of the District and rerouted to Florida. The District is actively looking for a heavy debris removal contractor who can move in quickly and replace WCA. Before the storm, the District contacted with Fort Bend County for heavy storm debris pick up, and has requested the County to expedite heavy trash storm debris pick up in Pecan Grove. As additional information is available, we will post it to the website and send out email updates to those who have requested email blasts.

WCA was working with third party trucks, which are the ones that left for FLorida. WCA is currently working on another solution.